Cloud Migration and Optimisation

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Cloud Migration and Optimisation

Why Choose Cloud?

Public Cloud offerings bring a host of benefits, such as improved speed and performance, workload scalability, enhanced security and stability. It opens avenues for service-oriented architecture, containerization, DevOps, and infrastructure as code, further boosting your business's operational efficacy.

With Velocis, you get a secure, scalable path to the cloud with reduced errors and efforts, ensuring seamless application modernisation and improved time to insight. Our seasoned professionals are equipped with the right skills to tackle any cloud migration challenges you might face.

Our Cloud Migration Process: Ensuring Minimal Disruption for Maximum Benefit

Cloud migration is your passport to digital transformation - a pathway that amplifies your business's agility, responsiveness, and continuity. By enabling your business to release products and services precisely when your customers need them, it creates a compelling competitive edge. With our expert assistance, you can move your workload, digital assets, services, databases, resources, and applications to the cloud confidently and securely, harnessing the best cloud practices to mitigate operational risks.

Cloud migration happens when a company transitions some or all of its data center capacities into a public, private, or hybrid cloud model. This pivotal decision hinges on determining what workloads should migrate to the cloud and when. A successful migration hinges on a robust strategy that holistically considers your technical environment, organizational structure, and business goals. With the cloud, you can accelerate innovation, speed up time-to-market, simplify and secure applications, and ultimately, curtail costs.

Not only does the cloud open new cost models through consumption-based economics, but it also paves the way for a more efficient infrastructure. By assigning optimal resources to your applications, you can ensure real-time operational efficiency. Migrating to the cloud allows your business to divert focus from IT maintenance, licenses, and renewals, to application enhancement and customer service improvement.

To make your transition to the cloud as smooth as possible, we meticulously plan each step, including:

  1. Readiness Assessment: We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current setup and devise a tailored migration plan.
  2. Migration: We put the plan into action, ensuring seamless movement of your digital assets to the cloud.
  3. Optimization: After migration, we continually optimise your cloud infrastructure for the highest efficiency.

The Velocis Cloud Optimisation Experience

At Velocis, we simplify the optimisation process for you. Our experts are adept at migrating workloads across diverse operating systems, providing 24x7 support to align with your schedule and business needs. By consulting with our experts, you can devise strategies to tackle business challenges and optimise migration success.

Our cloud assessment spans the following phases:

  1. Pre-assessment: We set the scope of the engagement and collect vital data to devise the optimal cloud solution.
  2. Data Gathering: Our team carries out minimally intrusive data collection on-site to understand your IT environment and application portfolio.
  3. Assessment: We thoroughly examine the collected data to ensure alignment with your business, technical, and security needs.
  4. Recommendations Delivery: We provide a comprehensive report detailing cloud optimisation strategies tailored to your unique application portfolio and organisational needs.

What to do Next?

By aligning your business with our cloud services, you can continuously reinvent and innovate in your market. Let Velocis assist your cloud migration journey, catalysing your digital transformation, and enabling a future of growth and success.

Get in touch with us today to unlock the boundless potential of the cloud.

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