A Unified cybersecurity posture for Cost Savings and Productivity Gains

A scalable and integrated managed service that included cybersecurity, platform and service monitoring, incident detection and response and management helped provide a secure solution enabling the customer to be compliant at an optimal cost.



  • Reduced Incident Response Time
  • Auto-scaling for near-unlimited scalability
  • Efficient cybersecurity management
  • Waf was  able to mitigate the malicious traffic and other cybersecurity threats


XP India is a supply chain solutions and logistics management company catering to manufacturing, retail and other verticals. The customer offers real-time tracking of its carriers  (bulk and less-than-container loads)  and its business spans 70% of India’s urban and rural regions.  


They needed needed real-time tracking of their containers and online access on its portal giving real-time data to its end clients without compromising on data security and privacy. Given that the back-end admin portal processed vast amounts of data, including GPS data, orders, updates, and customer requests, it was an always-on web application that required expert management to prevent cyber-attacks.  

Key objectives:

  1. An efficient web firewall to effectively route traffic and prevent intrusions  
  1. Improved security for their data stores from attacks
  1. Increased monitoring coverage, especially for peak-time traffic, to prevent downtime
  1. Unifying application, data, and network security into a unified enterprise cybersecurity posture

While the customer had identified Amazon Web Application Firewall (WAF) as the tool, they wanted Velocis to help them configure the firewall and provide cybersecurity services to improve their posture.  


Velocis was the partner of choice owing to its expertise in the deployment and integration of  AWS cloud solutions. Velocis also provides cybersecurity deployment solutions and as a system integrator, provides seamless solutions to its clients. Velocis configured their Amazon WAF and suggested managed services to help them monitor their landscape for potential threats.

The team configured the firewall at the load balancer level with custom rules to filter out malicious traffic and implemented OpenVPN to secure the developer environment. As part of the managed services.

We provide the customer with patch management, vulnerability scanning and management, and regular analysis of traffic monitoring data to identify potential abnormalities and possible threats.  

Key highlights of the solution:

  1. The solution integrates the web application firewall and OpenVPN instance with our managed security services to help meet the customer’s compliance requirements as well as monitor and mitigate the risk of security breaches.  
  1. Effective network traffic management enables the cloud platform and operating model to optimise and reduce infrastructure and service costs.
  1. Effective monitoring and incident management to reduce downtime and security events, thus reducing customer service costs while also improving availability and security.  
  1. Integrating security operations into an overarching cloud-managed services solution ensures an integrated secure cloud infrastructure.

Business outcomes

With their cloud challenges at bay, the customer could focus on their core business, improving their decision-making and supporting their growth plans. Overall, the customer was happy that the AWS environment was secure and performing to scale. Some of the other benefits include:

  1. An efficient incident response plan and management processes helped the customer reduce unplanned downtime while effectively preventing several potential incidents arising from environmental performance and security events.  
  1. The customer’s high-volume logistics business meant scalability was paramount. ALB and auto-scaling and Velocis’ integrated solution helped them achieve a scalable platform.  


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