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By integrating with various platforms and domains, BullsEye fetches key performance indicators and utilizes deductive reasoning and decision matrix techniques to automate the process of root cause analysis

It eliminates the need for domain experts and the cumbersome task of navigating multiple dashboards, enabling teams to swiftly resolve issues and focus on productivity tasks.

BullsEye empowers IT teams to analyze and identify the root cause of complex issues in today's dynamic and multi-domain IT landscape.

Constantly changing IT Landscape

Digital transformation has brought a paradigm shift in daily operations and ease of delivering services. Below are enablers of digital transformation that have impacted Organizations IT landscape:

The enablers above have resulted in increased surface areas of IT’s responsibility over which they have lesser control. As your organization and its network grow, increasing demand increases complexity and poses a significant operational challenge. Each IT Management Tool works in a silo and provides visibility only across its domain which makes finding a root cause across multiple domains a challenge.

Analysis of the problem requires highly skilled resources across multiple disciplines and is often like finding a needle in a haystack.

With Velocis’ RCA agent, BullsEye, your IT Team can analyze and arrive at the root cause in an automated fashion. You will never be stuck going back and forth between numerous dashboards and team members to figure out the problem in the new multi-domain world.

Solution Highlights:

BullsEye connects to multiple domains and platforms, fetches KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and uses deductive reasoning logic & decision matrix to find a Root Cause. In its 1st release, it integrates with:

*Integration with ThousandEyes WAN insight, Meraki, Intersight, AppDynamics, other hyperscalers, and other third-party NMS tools like SolarWinds, Everest, etc., will be part of subsequent releases.

After finding out the root cause of the problem, your users can post remarks and diagnostics along with the reason straight to the ITSM your organization uses.

Do it yourself!

BullsEye enables your IT Team to analyze and arrive at the root cause without the need for domain experts. You will not be stuck going back and forth between numerous dashboards and team members to figure out the problem in the new multi-domain world.

This will ensure you and your team spend less time working on daily maintenance tasks that “keep the lights on” and focus on productivity tasks such as accelerating application deployments and better protecting the network, applications, and data.

Allow business users to raise issues directly

BullsEye is designed to understand issues/ queries stated by Business Users (Hybrid Working) & IT Admins in Conversational English using NLP. The response is instant & tailored based on the user type. The response includes a cause-effect relationship, contextual information with multiple issues & the most probable Root Cause.

They can raise a ticket to your company’s ITSM along with a detailed response for faster resolution by the IT Team.

Business User

IT User

Quick Math: IT Ticket Resolution Time Saving

Repeated issues and poor digital employee experience can quickly drive up costs for IT. Here’s an example scenario:

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Top features and benefits

Automated RCA

Get real-time insights into your customer’s network, complete with timestamped data to ensure accuracy.

Advanced NLP

BullsEye understands and responds to your issues/queries, saving you time and frustration.

End user Self-Help Portal

Extend BullsEye to the end-user. With special views created for you, it makes analysis easy – for everyone!

Seamless Integrations

We can integrate BullsEye with your existing IT tools for a streamlined workflow.

Comprehensive Reports

Our solution helps you stay on top of your operations, ensuring you never skip a beat.

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