How Velocis addresses customer data backup challenges

This article peers into how Velocis Cloud Experts go about managing disaster recovery and cloud backup solutions, addressing three fundamental concerns of businesses adopting these services: data security, management of cloud-based backup & disaster recovery, and central management & automation of backups across AWS services.

Vibhay Chawla
December 2, 2021
Disaster Recovery (DR)
Cloud DR


Velocis Cloud Experts have been following this continuously evolving field of disaster recovery and backup since it started offering cloud backup solutions to customers. Disaster recovery and backup in the Cloud evolve almost every year as per changing market demands and innovations around available DR tools and services. The business landscape is expanding, and Cloud as a reliable and cost-effective backup solution has been embraced by the market beneficially. What we have observed basis our interaction with the market that though the solutions and methods for backup and DR keeps evolving but the key concerns and challenges on the ground still remain the same.

Our experts' analysis of trends reflect that the foremost queries that organization has in their list while considering cloud-based backup and recovery are as below, however addressing these in the initial phase, paves the way to a smooth cloud onboarding experience and a reliable business continuity strategy for the organization.

  • Is my data secure on cloud?
  • How to manage cloud-based backup & DR?
  • How to centrally manage and automate backups across AWS services?

Let’s dig deeper into these challenges and how Velocis is helping organization’s to address these:

Challenge 1: Is My Data Secure On Cloud?

This is one of the topmost questions/challenges we get to hear. We ensure that the customer understands that security is a shared responsibility between AWS and them.

  • Security of the cloud – AWS takes full responsibility and takes all measures to protect the infrastructure that runs AWS services on AWS Cloud. AWS also provides services that you can use securely.
  • Security in the cloud - Customer responsibility for AWS Backup includes but is not limited to, managing the credentials the organization user uses, timely response to communications received from AWS, configuring backup plans and resource assignments in alignment to organization’s data protection policies and periodic testing ability to find certain recovery points and restore them.

We leverage industries best AWS native security features to ensure that the customer data is fully secured in cloud by:

  • Using the latest AWS Backup Service to provide built-in compliant ready security features.
  • Using Amazon S3 Object Lock, to enforce retention periods, prevent early deletions by privileged users (including the AWS account root user), and comply organization’s data protection policies and procedures.
  • Recommending data encryption prior to its uploading on S3.
  • Using server-side encryption with Amazon S3-managed encryption keys.
  • Using server-side encryption with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) keys stored in AWS KMS.
  • Using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access to S3 data.
  • Providing audit access to S3 objects by using object level logging with AWS CloudTrail.

Challenge 2: How To Manage Cloud-Based Backup & DR?

Velocis utilizes the expertise of its skilled and certified cloud solution architects to curate the entire Backup and DR management process as smooth and frictionless as possible. We perform a thorough risk assessment and business impact analysis, to study the Disaster Recovery requirements of the organization. We propose a fully functional disaster recovery environment on AWS Cloud infrastructure to have all core components of the production system up and running.

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery and CloudEndure Disaster Recovery solutions are among the trusted and verified end-to-end backup and DR process solutions we offer to our customers. We have helped our customers to achieve a 10X reduction in RPO times with the proper implementation of the CloudEndure disaster recovery solution. We ensure that customer backups and data replication are near to real-time and as minimum as feasible.

How It Works?

Challenge 3: How To Centrally Manage And Automate Backups Across AWS Services?

AWS Backup, latest AWS native service is the one which helps to address this key concern of centralized backup and restore. This is an extremely convenient and user-friendly service that allows managing backups through one unified tool. It is a fully-managed and automatic backup service introduced by Amazon Web Services in January 2019 and has been regularly enhanced with newer features. This policy-based service makes it possible to automatically backup data from multiple AWS services in customers’ cloud environments as well as on-premises servers through AWS Storage Gateway.

Using AWS Backup, we enable you to centrally deploy data protection policies to configure, manage, and govern your backup activities across your organization’s AWS accounts and resources, including:

  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • Amazon FSx
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
  • AWS Storage Gateway
  • Amazon Neptune
  • Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)
  • Hybrid applications like VMware workloads running on-premises and in VMware
  • CloudTM on AWS.


Velocis approaches customers business requirements from a holistic point of view. Drawing from its core competencies to develop solutions that help customers derive intended business values out of it. This results in customers’ business becoming more agile, more customer-focused, and more operationally efficient by leveraging AWS cloud based storage solutions.

Vibhay Chawla
December 2, 2021
Disaster Recovery (DR)
Cloud DR
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