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We've all been there, haven't we? Racing against time to find the meeting room, fumbling with dial-in details to join a remote call, or completely clueless about the attendees. Meetings, essential as they are, can turn into a hassle.

Next-Gen Meeting Solutions enters the scene just when you need a solution most. We're not just an option, but a guide to make planning and joining meetings simpler, all while redefining your meeting experience.

Communication silos, scalability issues, inflexible platforms, and multiple security concerns - these villains often block seamless collaboration. We leverage technology and your existing investments to create a digital workplace that dissolves these barriers and transforms your organizational experience.

Our Approach to Effective Collaboration

We deliver meeting solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Our process? Identifying and implementing technologies, accelerating adoption among employees, and keeping an eye on emerging products and feature sets.

  1. Identify: Using our employee-centricapproach, we identify your end users and their needs, forming the bedrock ofyour meeting strategy. These insights influence everything, from product selection to room configurations to licensing models.
  2. Design: Mostorganizations juggle multiple video conferencing platforms. We design andarchitect integrations that make these platforms cooperate, ensuring theback-end design matches the in-room experience.
  3. Evaluate: With our Center of Excellence, you can test drive meeting solutions and integrations before implementing them in your environment. We help you uncover ways to limit disruption during migration from legacy rooms to modern spaces.
  4. Deploy: Our certified experts fully deploy your new meeting solution and collaboration endpoints, managing logistics, including product ordering, delivery scheduling, and installation.
  5. Support: Our Managed Services team relieves your IT staff of burdensome tasks, like patching,upgrades, troubleshooting, and incident management, allowing your team to focuson solving business challenges.

With Next-Gen Meeting Solutions, we help you redefine your meeting landscape, ensuring that collaboration is as seamless and effective as it should be.

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