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Network Security

As business models evolve and digital disruption takes place on a massive scale, the landscape of cybersecurity threats becomes increasingly dynamic. Traditional security solutions, often fragmented and complex, struggle to keep pace. At Velocis, we believe in confronting these challenges with a simpler, scalable, and threat-centric approach, which focuses on fortifying your organization across the entire attack continuum - before, during, and after an attack.

Integrated, Comprehensive Security for Tomorrow

Our team of seasoned experts crafts security infrastructures tailored to your needs, harmonizing security policies, processes, and architecture. We offer an integrated security portfolio, delivering robust protection across various facets of your network. Our solutions encompass comprehensive firewall functions, application control, threat prevention, and advanced malware protection right from the network to the endpoint.

Proactive Threat Prevention and Real-Time Response

Our solutions deliver real-time contextual awareness coupled with advanced threat protection, offering intelligent security automation to keep pace with your evolving environment. We reduce the attack surface area with optional application control, URL filtering, and advanced malware protection (AMP), allowing us to discover, track, and block suspect files and malware, thereby preventing the spread of outbreaks and reinfection.

Securing Network Access and Identity Management

Velocis secures your network - whether Wi-Fi, Wired or extended to the cloud - through the Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE). This solution brings your end users onto a network securely, enforces endpoint compliance, coordinates security appliances, and provides contextual awareness to proactively identify breach indicators or aid post-breach forensic investigations.

Ensuring Secure Communications with VPN & Endpoint Security

We guarantee the security of your data in transit from unauthorized access and attacks. Our VPN solutions provide top-tier security through encryption and authentication technologies, allowing for secure communications and flexible access rights without significantly expanding your existing infrastructure. This not only enhances productivity by extending corporate networks, applications, and collaboration tools, but also helps reduce communication costs.

Simplified Management, Enhanced Security

With Velocis Network Security Solutions, you ensure safe data transmission not only across traditional internet perimeters but also inside data centers. By decreasing your organization's attack surface, you improve visibility and reduce overall cyber risk - all while simplifying management and operations. Embrace the future with confidence; safeguard your business with Velocis.

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