Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensure Uninterrupted Operations with our Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Data and Applications

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Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

At Velocis, we understand the critical role that data plays in your organization's operations and success. Data availability and durability are vital in today's digital landscape, and our cloud-based Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions are designed to support your unique needs. We provide data backup for both on-premises data centers and the public cloud, helping you mitigate the effects of data loss. With our decades of experience, we're here to support your journey towards data resilience.

Why Choose Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery?

Organizations across sectors are producing data at an unprecedented scale. More than ever, we need robust measures to ensure this data is safe, secure, and recoverable, especially in the event of disasters or breaches. Velocis offers efficient, consistent, and scalable backup and disaster recovery solutions for your data and workloads, whether hosted on-premise or on the cloud.

How Can We Help?

We don't just provide a service; we act as your partner, guiding you through the process of designing and implementing a disaster recovery plan that aligns with your technical needs and budget. We also manage backups and replication schedules, optimize costs, and rapidly troubleshoot issues and risks. We're committed to reducing your on-premise burdens and leveraging the power of cloud technology to protect your data.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape

  1. Data is being pushed to the Edge: As remote work becomes more prevalent, protecting distributed data is crucial. We provide solutions that detect and mitigate potential breaches or ransomware attacks, ensuring that your data is recoverable.
  2. Various Application environments: As your organization evolves, so do your data protection needs. We support both traditional and modern application environments, helping you stay resilient amid digital transformation.
  3. Managing Unstructured Data: With the rise in unstructured data, organizations need effective management solutions. We help you capture, control, and monetize this critical business resource.
  4. Protecting Data Across Zones: Data is now everywhere - from the core to the edge and in the cloud. We provide integrated data protection across all platforms, ensuring seamless communication and protection.
  5. Mitigating Cyberattacks: The rise in remote work has led to an increase in cyberattacks, including ransomware. We design and implement air gap vaults to protect your data, preparing your organization for data recovery in the event of a breach.
  6. Dispelling Cloud Misconceptions: We provide clarity on data protection in the cloud. Contrary to common assumptions, fail safes and data protection are not automatic in the public cloud. Our solutions ensure comprehensive protection for your cloud-hosted data.

Your Path to Resilience

Organizations often face crucial questions when it comes to data protection: What happens if I neglect to capture or keep data? What should I capture upfront? How long should I keep it? How do I protect it?

At Velocis, we provide solutions to these questions and more. We help you navigate your data protection journey, offering strategies to combat advanced ransomware attacks, and debunking common misconceptions about data protection in the cloud.

We strongly believe that data protection is your final line of defense and we're here to strengthen it. Whether it's creating secure backups, managing unstructured data, or tackling cloud protection, Velocis is your trusted partner in cloud backup and disaster recovery.

Empower your organization with Velocis' Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions. Safeguard your valuable data, maintain your operations, and secure your future. Reach out to us today to learn how we can customize our solutions to meet your needs.

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