Campus and LAN Switching

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Campus and LAN Switching

Customized Network Solutions

At Velocis, we provide campus and LAN switching services that are tailor-made for your unique business needs. Our emphasis is on reliability and scalability, ensuring your network is future-proof and can support emerging technologies.

With over 15+ years of experience, our design and engineering skills deliver a secure, optimized network foundation. Our design principles and implementation methods have been proven over time to offer dependable performance.

Campus Switching

Our team at Velocis is committed to delivering high-performing and secure campus switching solutions. We provide expert services that cater to your specific needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimized network performance across your entire campus.

Comprehensive Structured Cabling

We offer comprehensive structured cabling services, including planning, designing, and installing a full range of structured cabling system applications.

Expert Fiber Optic Cabling

Our team delivers top-quality fiber optic cabling services, catering to both single-mode and multi-mode requirements, making it suitable for all environments.

Intelligent Cabling or Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM)

We provide Intelligent Cabling or Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM), a smart solution that uses active patch panels to monitor patch connections and auto-record links in a database. This leads to increased security, accurate patching, faster fault fixing, and asset tracking among other benefits.

Connect With Velocis Today, and experience the benefits of a network installation done right—on time, on budget, and meeting all quality objectives.

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