AWS Systems Manager

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AWS Systems Manager

Industry Problem Statement

Due to the increasing complexity of managing cloud-based infrastructure, especially inside big organizations, choosing AWS Systems Manager is essential. The manualupkeep of configuration settings, patching, and troubleshooting becomes moretime-consuming and prone to errors as organizations struggle to maintain security, compliance, and operational efficiency while handling a variety of AWS resources, diverse workloads, and demands for rapid scalability. This increased complexity may lead to cost increases, operational inefficiencies,and security risks. As a result, a comprehensive, automated, and scalablesolution, like AWS Systems Manager, is needed to address these issues and ensure the seamless management, security, and compliance of cloud resources.

Utilizing AWS Systems Manager, Velocis can assist clients in simplifying, automating, and safeguarding their operational environments.

As a trusted Cloud Managed Services Partner, Velocis acknowledges the vital role that the AWS Systems Manager service plays in the operational success of your organization. In today's digital landscape, efficient and secure management of your AWS resources is paramount. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in implementingand utilizing AWS Systems Manager, we provide you with the essential tools andindustry best practices tailored to support your distinct operational needs. Hereare the several operational areas where Velocis can provide value:

  • Centralized Management
  • Automated Operations
  • Patch Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Secure Access
  • Reduce Operational Overhead and Costs


How AWS Systems Manager works  

AWS Systems Manager works as a centralized management service for AWS infrastructure, allowing users to automate, configure, and manage their cloud resources efficiently. It operates through predefined or custom documents that define tasks and actions to be executed on servers. Users can remotely run commands, manage configurations, and execute workflows using features like Run Command,State Manager, and Automation. Systems Manager also provides visibility into instances through inventory and compliance reporting, simplifying asset management and ensuring resources adhere to desired states. For security patching, Patch Manager streamlines the application of updates, reducing vulnerabilities.

In addition, Systems Manager offers Session Manager for secure instance access, Parameter Store for secure configuration data storage, and integrates with EventBridge for event-driven automation. With its agent-based approach, Systems Manager brings together various aspects of infrastructure management, making iteasier to maintain, secure, and automate AWS resources at scale while enhancing operational efficiency and security.

Features of AWS Systems Manager

  • Application Manager helps DevOps engineers investigate and remediate issues with their AWS resources in the context of their applications and clusters. In Application Manager, an application is a logical group of AWS resources that you want to operate as aunit. Application Manager aggregates operations information from multiple AWS services and Systems Manager capabilities to a single AWS Management Console.
  • Change Manager is an enterprise change management framework for requesting, approving, implementing, and reporting on operational changes to your application configuration and infrastructure.
  • Fleet Manager is a unified user interface (UI) experience that helps you remotely manage your nodes.With Fleet Manager, you can view the health and performance status of yourentire fleet from one console.
  • Incident Manageris an incident management console that helps users mitigate and recover fromincidents affecting their AWS hosted applications.
  • Explorer is a customizable operations dashboard that reports information about your AWS resources. Explorer displays an aggregated view of operations data (OpsData) for your AWS accounts and across AWS Regions. In Explorer, OpsData includes metadata about your Amazon EC2 instances, and patch compliance details.

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Overall,AWS Systems Manager simplifies the management of your AWS resources by providing a unified platform for automation, configuration management, and operational insights. It helps you streamline tasks and enhance the securityand efficiency of your cloud infrastructure.

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