Application Optimisation & Modernisation

Seamless Migration, Optimal Performance: Embrace the Power of Modernized Applications

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Application Optimisation & Modernisation

In the modern, fast-paced, tech-driven world, sticking with legacy applications can lead to a host of challenges. Outdated systems often result in poor user experiences, increased security risks, and reduced efficiency. To stay competitive, it's essential to modernise your applications.

Specific problems posed by legacy systems include:

  • High ownership costs due to the need for varied skill sets for support.
  • Limited resource availability for development and maintenance in outdated technologies.
  • Restricted hardware utilization, limiting optimum usage of resources and confining you to fixed allocations.
  • Limited vendor support for older hardware components.
  • Idle running costs, where you're paying even when the application is not in use.

Simply put, modern businesses need modern technology to meet evolving customer needs.

Our Modernization Approach

Our comprehensive approach to application modernization aims to transform your legacy systems efficiently, securely, and effectively. Here's an overview of the steps involved:

  1. Discovery: We take an inventory of your applications, considering factors like users, usage, age, and technology.
  2. Assessment: We evaluate your system's maturity, stability, complexity, performance requirements, user needs, licensing, compliance needs, and application dependencies.
  3. Moving Data & Application: We identify your ideal cloud provider and your application's disposition to ensure an effective migration to your new environment.
  4. Optimization & Management: Post-migration, we offer ongoing services like incident management, preventive maintenance, resource and capacity analysis, cost optimization, performance tuning, and log management.

The Benefits of Partnering with Us

With our team of experienced consultants, architects, and engineers, we're ready to support you at every stage of your modernization journey. We provide end-to-end execution, from new development to cloud migration, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Our specialists are skilled in integrating your applications with AD, ADFS, and establishing SSO, ensuring seamless access for your users. Moreover, we're well-equipped to encapsulate your application data and functions, optimize your code, and alter your application's structure to align with modern architecture and runtime environments. Let's transform your legacy systems into powerful, modern solutions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and meet your customers' needs head-on.

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