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Managed Services

Managed Services


Velocis Managed Services are the practice of outsourcing customers IT management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method by defining SLA’s, with better manageability and enriching user experience. This includes various support and lifecycle build/maintenance activities. Our Managed Services has brought flexibility, cost-savings, and efficiency throughout our customer base.

Managing Infrastructure, Resources & Assets, Analysing Crucial Pieces of Data, Assessing, Monitoring and Observing Networks & Systems providing Continuous Support to ensure smooth functioning of business operations so that you could go ahead with all your important business decisions. You need Managed Services that transforms your network operations enabling higher levels of performance.



Annual Maintenance Contract Services

AMC-Managed.jpgVelocis have partnership with OEM’s like Cisco, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Fortinet…etc. We can provide back to back support from OEM’s portfolio with a value added annual technical support from Velocis.

Having senior consultants and analyst subject matter experts in our SME pool who works towards resolving incidents on a faster mode with help of OEM’s back end support systems.

SD-WAN Managed Services

Velocis' SD-WAN managed solution delivers an all inclusive, cost-effective service covering your business requirements for advanced connectivity and security functions.

Business Challenges

Operational Challenges

  • Increasing Bandwidth Cost
  • Inconsistent Business Applications performance impacts productivity
  • Regulatory compliance for data protection
  • Delays in provision of new services
  • Operational uptime
  • Control & Complexity in managing WAN links - Inherent delays in service providers meeting customer dynamic business environment.
  • Require flexibility to use different networks Broadband, MPLS, LTE for application delivery
  • Lack of automation around the processes moves, adds and changes  
  • WAN traffic is not optimised in all links
  • Security risks at all branches as security perimeter around networks is disappearing with hybrid clouds and remote connectivity.
  • Managing applications performance
  • Complex & Inconsistent resiliency over WAN links


Velocis-SD_WAN_Managed-Services_0.jpgOur Approach - Managed Services

We provide Managed services for Software Defined WAN to monitor, control & secure multi link environment.

Velocis has capability of report customization and integrating customer Service Management/ Service assurance tools  with SDWAN infrastructure using VManage API

Note: Customised reports, Additional Change Management, Adding more applications than the one configured and on demand hands and feet support will be charged extra.


Voice Managed Services

Voice-Managed-Services-Velocis.jpgVelocis voice managed services provides end to end customer experience to achieve better voice results. Velocis helps customer to identify the problem of loss of voice packets giving them individuals analysis of IPT network and assuring proactive simulation of voice traffic for capacity management.

Adding to this we provide monitoring of call manager with call analysis and maintenance of the entire IPT network.

Managed Resources

Boardroom-Solutions_0.jpgVelocis provides onsite support with skilled engineers to manage day to day IT operations for customers. Velocis have skilled consultants and subject matter experts to give support to various engineers posted onsite on various technologies.

They are also capable and responsible to handle planned level 3 incidents, change management request, project management, compliance ensuring service delivery.

Wi-Fi Lifecycle Management

wifi-management.jpgGiving the ease from the best of Industry tools to manage and operate their network, Velocis will provide analytics with respect to traffic load, interference, coverage, Air quality vs time along with GIS / identification of user by using BYOD concepts and technologies.

In order to monitor the IT Infra at customer’s facility, Velocis proposes to render their Remote Infrastructure Management Services to monitor the network remotely. Velocis would use tools from industry leaders in order to provide their remote monitoring services. Customer needs to ensure that enough bandwidth is provided for communication between Customer’s facility and Velocis NOC. HUB can be configured to temporary store monitoring data in case connectivity with management server is lost.

Network Assessment

Network-Assessment.jpgThe benefits of a network assessment are many, aimed at creating value for your organisation. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

Network Resilience - more efficient data centre networks provide you with a platform to quickly and easily provision existing and new services.

Cost Savings - modern, efficient and converged networks result in lower operating and support costs as well as a long term reduction in capital expenditure.

Improved Management - consistent network management across the entire network infrastructure results in improved ability to support and monitor the various elements, reducing overall complexity.

Improved Performance - enhanced network capacity, along with accelerated application performance and availability combine to provide users with improved quality of experience when connecting to applications over the network.

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