Transforming Patient Care with Secure IT Solutions

In this case study, we reveal how we leveraged Citrix virtual apps, desktops, and the Cisco Hyperflex platform to provide robust and secure solutions for over 350 healthcare professionals and patients in a state-of-the-art children's hospital.

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Key Stats

  • Designed solutions for 350+ healthcare professionals and patients


  • Provided a software-defined data centre solution that supports rapid and agile development processes  
  • Secured remote access to healthcare applications through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)


The client is a leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company serving medical professionals and patients for nine decades. Their mission to serve the nutritional needs of people and serve the medical community has made them successfully establish a formidable reputation for their contributions to the medical field. In line with this commitment, Raptakos, Brett & Co. Ltd. was developing a Children's hospital spread over 3.10 acres of land with state-of-the-art patient healthcare facilities.


With an increasing dependency on digital applications for their medical needs, they needed a secure and efficient solution to manage their data and healthcare applications to protect them from cyber threats and unauthorized access right from the start. They also wanted to enable remote access for their employees and provide telemedicine services for their patients so they could easily approach doctors regardless of location.

Requirements and Challenges:

  • The hospital recognized the importance of ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of their patient's information, which is why they needed secure access policies for their healthcare data.
  • They wanted to ensure that only authorized personnel had access to sensitive information.
  • To protect themselves against cyber threats, the hospital also needed end-point security with threat mitigation capabilities. They knew that cyber threats were becoming increasingly sophisticated, and wanted to ensure that their systems were always protected. Additionally, they needed protection for their email inboxes against cyber threats to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of patient information.


To address the requirements of Raptakos, Velocis implemented a combination of Citrix virtual apps, desktops, and the Cisco Hyperflex platform to deliver secure and efficient access to healthcare applications.  

The solution is scalable and designed to provide secure access to all the hospital's applications. The shared desktops designed for the 350 healthcare professionals incorporate traditional persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops, hosted applications, and RDS Server 2019-based desktops.  

Solution Highlights:  

  • To ensure a seamless operation of their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the hospital incorporated Citrix's Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and hosted it on Cisco's Hyperflex platform. The hospital restricted printing and data download for all VDI users as an added security measure.
  • Enabled Multi-factor authentication to ensure only authorized personnel had access to sensitive information
  • Integrated O365 email system with an email security solution to protect the system against cyber threats like phishing. etc.  
  • Provided a security solution for both physical and virtualized endpoints  
  • Setup a cloud-powered infrastructure management tool so that the team can manage the data centre from anywhere  

The solution implemented by Velocis addresses the requirements of Raptakos. It provides secure and efficient access to their healthcare applications while reducing CAPEX and IT efforts in managing endpoint devices, optimizing operational efficiency for the IT team.

Business Outcomes

This solution keeps healthcare data safe and is easy to use for patients and healthcare workers. The scalable infrastructure allowed the hosting of virtualized and containerized applications.  

With the ability to provide access based on profiles and types, the client could easily cater to employees, visiting doctors, patients, and their families. In addition, strong email security protects the organization from cyber-security threats.

Data Centre
Remote Computing Solutions
Email Security

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