Empowering Digital Transformation: Elite TechnoSoft's Journey to AWS Cloud Excellence

Elite TechnoSoft Pvt. Ltd. (ETPL), a leading player in India's IT landscape, recognized the need to modernize its AWS infrastructure to meet the evolving demands of its customers. This case study explores how Velocis Systems being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner optimized ETPLs AWS infrastructure, thus fueling innovation and customer satisfaction for its flagship fintech product.


  • ETPL's AWS infrastructure revamped to bolster agility, dependability, and cost-efficiency
  • Seamless integration of CI/CD pipeline accelerated time-to-market by 75%
  • Robust security controls implemented to safeguard sensitive data and maintain compliance
  • Near-perfect availability achieved, elevating user experience and fostering trust
  • Resource optimization and elastic scalability enable deft handling of dynamic workloads


Elite TechnoSoft Pvt. Ltd. (ETPL), headquartered in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is a leading private sector company specializing in e-governance and financial inclusion projects. With an expansive network spanning e-Mitra centers, banking customer service providers, Aadhaar enrollment facilities, and RKCL centers, ETPL delivers over 500 government and non-government services to the general public.

Paybizz, ETPL's flagship product, is a pioneering digital financial services platform committed to democratizing access to affordable solutions. Collaborating with government-authorized financial service providers, Paybizz advances the Digital India vision by bridging the gap between citizens and vital services. The platform's extensive suite of accessible and cost-effective B2B and B2C digital financial offerings aims to foster digital inclusion and seamless integration across the value chain.


As ETPL's user base surged, the company encountered challenges with its existing AWS cloud-based web application. Manual deployment processes and EC2 instances led to inefficiencies, reliability concerns, and frequent unplanned outages. Recognizing the need to modernize its infrastructure to adapt to evolving market dynamics and effectively serve its growing user base, ETPL sought a strategic partner to redesign its payment platform and optimize its AWS infrastructure, aiming to enhance availability, scalability, and overall performance.

Key requirements included:

  1. Accelerated release frequency and expedited time-to-market by automating deployment processes and implementing CI/CD pipelines to streamline development and deployment cycles.
  1. Zero downtime during deployments and implementing seamless rollback procedures to maintain high availability and minimize the impact of failed deployments on end-users.
  1. Optimized costs by leveraging serverless components and auto-scaling capabilities to match resource utilization with demand, and enhancing performance monitoring to proactively identify and address bottlenecks.
  1. Fortified security measures to protect sensitive data and maintain compliance by implementing robust access controls, encryption, and adhering to industry best practices for secure cloud architecture design.


Velocis Systems, as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, joined forces with ETPL to spearhead the modernization endeavor. Velocis conducted a comprehensive assessment of ETPL's environment and customer requirements, identifying key business imperatives and proposing a robust AWS architecture. These were the key components of the solution:

  • Implementation of a multi-stage CI/CD pipeline using AWS CodeBuild, Amazon CodeGuru, AWS CodeDeploy, and AWS CodePipeline services. This allowed for seamless development-to-production deployments and empowered the development team to swiftly implement updates and deploy new features.
  • Amazon S3 for frontend hosting to provide scalable and reliable static asset storage, Amazon CloudFront for content delivery to enhance performance and reduce latency for end-users, and Amazon EC2 for backend services to support dynamic application logic and processing.
  • AWS Lambda for serverless operations to handle event-driven tasks and background processing, and Amazon API Gateway for secure API management, enabling seamless integration between frontend and backend components.
  • Robust security measures, including security groups, network ACLs, and adherence to best practices for network security to protect sensitive data and maintain compliance with industry standards.
  • AWS CloudWatch and New Relic for comprehensive monitoring, logging, and proactive issue resolution, providing real-time insights into system performance and enabling rapid incident response.

The solution's auto-scaling capabilities, serverless components, and CI/CD automation enable ETPL to handle fluctuating workloads efficiently, accelerate innovation, and maintain a competitive edge.

Architecture Diagram [HLD]

Business outcomes

The collaboration between Velocis and ETPL yielded significant benefits, transforming ETPL's AWS infrastructure and driving business success:

  1. Near 100% availability and minimal downtime ensured a seamless user experience for payments, instilling trust and satisfaction among users.
  1. Enhanced agility, scalability, and ease of management facilitated optimal scaling with minimal resource utilization.
  1. The ability to innovate faster and introduce new features, expediting time-to-market by 75% using the CI/CD pipeline.
  1. A strengthened security posture, bolstered by comprehensive AWS security features and controls, ensured robust protection of sensitive data, safeguarding both the organization and its customers against potential threats.
  1. Optimized costs through the strategic use of serverless components, allowing ETPL to pay only for the resources consumed.
  1. Improved performance monitoring and proactive issue resolution through the integration of AWS CloudWatch and New Relic.

With the project having been completed, the company is now quite well-positioned to continue its mission of promoting digital inclusion and providing accessible, affordable digital financial services to businesses and individuals across India.

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