Smart Meeting Room Solution to Enhance Collaboration

Discover how Velocis transformed a technology provider's new campus in Mumbai into a hub of seamless collaboration with AI-powered Smart Meeting Rooms, simplified device management, and enhanced user experiences across 200+ spaces


Key Stats

  • The client has a new campus in Mahape, Mumbai and it comprises over 200 collaboration spaces with 12 floors.


  • Solutions provided for meeting spaces, boardrooms, and collaboration in larger spaces such as Amphitheatres, Multi-purpose Halls, and Training Rooms, ensuring a seamless user experience
  • Bring Your Own Meeting experience, allowing end-users to connect to any web meeting platform using the camera and audio of the Cisco Room Device
  • Addressed challenges such as unreliable joining experience, complicated device management, and lack of automation in collaboration spaces.


The client is a technology and business solutions provider, is committed to sustainable growth that propels its clients toward the future faster - together. They have set up a new campus in Mahape, Mumbai, comprising over 200 collaboration spaces with 12 floors.  

They want an AI-powered Smart Meeting Room solution to deliver an excellent user collaboration experience and a simplified management solution for IT admins.

Requirements and Challenges

In the first phase of implementing a modern collaboration solution, they wanted to enable video conferencing functionality in around 50 meeting spaces. The users in the company had several issues with their existing meeting spaces:  

  • They found the joining experience needed to be more connected and reliable.
  • The IT Admins needed help with complicated device management, as keeping all devices updated and functioning was complex.  
  • Finally, there was a lack of automation in collaboration spaces, meaning users had to manually perform various tasks, such as setting up presentations or booking rooms.  

Since they deal with multiple clients, they wanted a video conferencing solution that offered interoperability with other famous meeting platforms like Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Additionally, they required:  

  • Room Booking solutions, complete with occupancy sensors and digital signage both inside and outside the meeting rooms  
  • Collaboration in larger spaces such as Amphitheatres, Multi-purpose Halls, and Training Rooms
  • Wireless and Wired presentation capabilities

Ultimately, the client aimed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for employees and visitors while simplifying device management and automating various collaboration tasks.


Velocis proposed a solution that provided wireless and wired presentation capabilities, room booking solutions with occupancy sensors and digital signage, and collaboration in larger spaces such as Amphitheaters, Multi-purpose Halls, and Training Rooms.

To enhance communication in various spaces, Velocis recommended specific room devices, depending on the room layout and seating arrangements. For instance, the Executive Boardroom was powered by the exclusively designed Cisco Room Panorama. At the same time, we placed the latest all-in-one Collaboration unit Webex Board Pro in small and medium-sized rooms.  

For larger rooms and multi-purpose halls, the Room Kit Plus and Room Kit Pro with third-party displays were proposed, along with Speaker Tracking and Intelligent Framing enabled Cisco cameras. Additionally, Room Navigators were positioned inside and outside the rooms to facilitate room availability checks and ad-hoc booking.  

With the help of In-room Navigator and Calendar integration, users could join any meeting with the click of a button or by triggering a voice command. Moreover, Zoom and Google interoperability were natively available in the cloud-registered devices, and Cisco CVI licenses were positioned to enable Microsoft Teams Interoperability.  

Additionally, Velocis enabled a Bring Your Own Meeting experience, allowing end-users to connect to any web meeting platform using the camera and audio of the Cisco Room Device. The Cisco In-room Control solution was used to offer room automation, such as lights, blinds, and presentation switching, and Cisco's built-in Macro and AI capabilities helped automate tasks like Automatic Room Booking, Room Cleaning & Usage, Room Capacity Alert, Ambient Noise/Temperature Alert, Wellbeing Notification and Pantry Services.  

Business Outcomes

The solution proposed by Velocis addressed the key challenges faced by the client. With a simplified one-click join experience, the improved meeting room experience led to increased employee productivity and engagement.  

Additionally, the solution addressed the challenge of device management, providing a centralized monitoring and management platform, room analytics, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and reporting all under a single pane of glass. This made it easier for IT admins to manage and onboard devices, resulting in reduced complexity and costs. The room analytics and automation also led to effective use of meeting spaces, resulting in increased space utilization and cost savings.  


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