Securing Large-Scale Email Systems: The Velocis and Cisco Secure Email Collaboration

Read how our cutting-edge solution, harnessing the power of Cisco Secure Email, not only secures an extensive email network of 2600 mailboxes but also offers easy-to-manage, centralized security controls.

Email Security


The client is one of India's leading cement manufacturers, a conglomerate with a rich history spanning over a century. The company has grown exponentially and now boasts a production capacity of over 14 million tonnes per annum.  


The client has a hybrid email system (a mix of M365 & On-Premises exchange) for their 2600 users' mailboxes. They already have an email security solution in place, but they're still facing issues with dangerous emails, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), advanced malware, phishing, and spam attacks.

The customer is looking for a new solution that can: \

  1. Secure their email technology so that only legitimate messages reach their 2600 user mailboxes.
  2. Be cloud-based and provide protection from both internal and external email threats.
  3. Use multiple layers of security for complete email protection, including preventive and reactive measures.
  4. Offer centralized policy control to manage security settings easily.

Existing Challenges: The customer is currently dealing with the following challenges:

  1. Their existing email security is not sufficient to protect against identity/content-based attacks and social engineering-based attacks. These types of attacks trick users into revealing sensitive information or take advantage of their trust.
  2. The current security solution provides limited insights into the nature of threats, making it difficult to understand and respond to the attacks effectively.


Velocis designed a solution using Cisco Secure Email to help the customer protect their email system from various threats. It will help the client identify and block these threats quickly, as well as keep your important information safe with encryption.

  • Superior threat intelligence: Cisco Secure Email uses Talos™, a powerful source of threat intelligence, to detect and block more threats. This means fewer harmful emails will reach the users' mailboxes.
  • Fighting ransomware and malware: Velocis implemented Cisco Secure Email Malware Defense and Cisco Threat Grid to catch ransomware hidden in email attachments. These tools help prevent harmful software from infiltrating the customer's email system.
  • Protecting against phishing and BEC: The solution analyzes email links in real-time, automatically dropping emails with risky links or blocking access to newly infected sites. This way, users are protected from phishing attempts and Business Email Compromise attacks.
  • Preventing brand abuse and identity-based attacks: Velocis incorporated Cisco Secure Email Domain Protection and Cisco Secure Email Phishing Defense services to stop sophisticated identity-based email attacks. This helps to maintain the customer's brand reputation and safeguard sensitive information.
  • Integration with SecureX: Velocis connected Cisco Secure Email with SecureX, an integrated security platform. This allows for better visibility, detection, automation, investigation, and remediation of security issues.

By implementing the Cisco Secure Email solution, Velocis successfully addressed the customer's challenges and provided a secure, cloud-based email system that protects against both internal and external threats, using multiple layers of security and centralized policy control.

Business Outcomes

With the introduction of the Cisco APIC Controller and Nexus Dashboard, the client gained better visibility and control over their entire system, enabling faster app deployments for app architects, and improving security for Security Ops.

The optimized infrastructure helped reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for excess switches and manual configurations. The implementation of highly secure zero-trust networks provided robust protection for the enterprise’s data, regardless of its size, form, or location. As a result, they could deliver more reliable digital experiences to their customers, enhancing their reputation as a leading financial service provider

Email Security
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