Delivering 76% savings on cloud spend with Workload Optimization

In this case study, we will unpack the profound impact CWOM had on our infrastructure assessment, resource optimization, cloud service selection, and post-migration management. Discover how we unlocked significant cost savings.

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The client, a leading software service provider with a global presence, develops and manages various applications for their clients. As part of their software development platform, they require platforms to run applications/workloads on-premise or on the cloud (Multi-cloud). Their applications/workload landscape is widely spread, and they were seeking a solution to manage and optimize these applications across multiple platforms.


The client faced several challenges in managing their applications/workloads across multiple platforms. They had difficulties in getting visibility of applications/workload performance, tracking idle/unused workloads in the environment, assuring real-time performance for applications/workloads, migration planning assessment of applications across multiple platforms, and cost optimization of the infrastructure.


The client's requirements were as follows:

  1. Visibility of different applications/Workload spread across multi-location and multi-platform.
  2. Assurance of the performance of the applications/workloads.
  3. Optimization of resources across the Hybrid cloud.
  4. Identification of unused workloads in their hybrid environment.
  5. Single pane visibility to manage & monitor applications/workloads.

Solution Approach

The solution leveraged CWOM (Cloud Workload Optimization Management), an intelligent application resource management software. CWOM delivers visibility and provides insights into the infrastructure—its realities and interdependencies—along with AI-powered, real-time analytics providing resource actions, and automation to implement these actions. CWOM ensures applications get the resources they need when they need them to ensure performance, and then to increase resource utilization to optimal levels.

CWOM drives infrastructure toward the desired state of high performance, maximum utilization, and full compliance on an ongoing basis by continually reviewing infrastructure details. This information is fed into a real-time decision engine that provides decisions on where, when, and how to run workloads. CWOM provides visibility and insight throughout the infrastructure stack—including on-premises and multi-cloud applications, VMs, databases, storage, compute platforms, and containers.

Solution Highlights

  1. CWOM helped the client to identify the idle/unused workloads from the environment.
  2. CWOM helped to create a supply chain graph for all the applications spread across different platforms.
  3. CWOM helped the client to plan migrations of applications from on-premise to multi-cloud. This enabled to make a choice of platform based on costing.

Business Outcomes

The CWOM approach led to several significant business outcomes:

  1. Lowering down infrastructure cost by optimizing the workload.
  2. Improved application performance.
  3. Quicker planning in terms of migration of applications.
  4. Easier problem identification.
  5. Faster resolution of issues.


The client's case is an excellent example of how a comprehensive approach to application/workload management across a hybrid cloud can lead to significant business outcomes. By leveraging CWOM, the client was able to gain visibility into their infrastructure, optimize their resources, plan migrations effectively, and ensure ongoing visibility and management of their applications and resources. This case study serves as a blueprint for other organizations facing similar challenges and requirements.

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