A Case Study of a Next-Generation Airport Network

We supplied, designed, implemented, and commissioned the wireless and wired networks for an airport that would cater to over 13.1 million people.

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The client is a solutions partner for airports in India and globally, providing technology solutions, IT operations, and digital services. Their focus is on delivering a seamless travel experience for passengers and airlines.

Committed to delivering the best, they recently partnered as the primary solution provider for a new airport in India's most sought-after tourist destination. The airport will cater to 4.4 million passengers in the first phase and 13.1 million by the end of the fourth phase.


They wanted Velocis to supply, design, implement, and commission the wired & wireless networks for the airport:

  • Primarily, the airport design should be able to handle 4.5 million passengers at launch. It should also support the scaling of infrastructure to handle 14.5 million passengers within the next five years.
  • The airport network should always be available, secure, and segmented.
  • They need to provide high-speed wireless connectivity to passengers, airlines, concessionaire back offices and kiosks, ticket/check-in counters, and future e- boarding devices.
  • The network should support programmable overlays to enable easy-to-deploy network virtualisation & software-defined segmentation, and policy enforcement across the Airport.
  • The DC Network should support airport applications for use by multiple tenants.

They wanted to centrally manage the network as it would over improved operational efficient, simplify policies, and enhance the overall user experience.


Velocis designed and deployed a full-stack network solution to address the challenges. A Cisco DNAC orchestrated SDA deployment ensured a standardised client access methodology and utilised SDA design principles for future flexibility and operational efficiency.

  • High-speed connectivity and throughput were ensured by deploying Wi-Fi 6 enabled access points and MGIG switching devices. The solution deployed is scalable and future-proof.
  • Network implemented supports macro & micro segmentation ensuring security at the foundation level. The security policies and rules were deployed and are being easily administered from a central location, improving overall visibility and maintainability.
  • The entire network has been designed & implemented with a primary focus on resiliency. It supports connectivity of IOT devices & Surveillance cameras with a zero tolerance for any downtime.
  • Passengers can access the internet through a guest portal that is integrated with SMS authentication. The wireless network is pervasive, and passengers do not need to worry about being disconnected while roaming.
  • Airlines, concessionaire back offices and kiosks, ticket/check-in counters, and future e-boarding devices can multiple applications hosted in the Data Centre.

Business outcomes

The conglomerate has seen several key benefits from implementing the SDA network in its airport project, improving Security & operational efficiencies, and reducing OPEX.

With the robust and next-generation network deployed, passengers can access high-speed internet, concessionaires can conduct business, and critical systems supporting IOT devices can operate appropriately and efficiently.

An efficient & resilient network supporting baggage handling system, flight display systems, Digital advertisement, IPTV, CCTV & many more applications ensure a pleasant experience for the passengers and airport staff, boosting revenue for the airport.

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