A Case Study on Hyper Convergence and Cloud Management Solutions

With 18 development and service centres and 25+ offices worldwide, this client needed a revolutionary solution to optimize its data centre management while maintaining security and cost-efficiency. Discover how the integration of Cisco HyperFlex platform and Cisco Intersight transformed their traditional data centre architecture

Data Centre

Key Stats

  • 18 development and service centres and 25+ offices worldwide in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and India


  • Use of a hyperconvergence solution which simplifies data centre management, reduces costs and complexity, and provides a flexible, scalable, and future-proof infrastructure
  • Integrated Solution that makes recommendations to the data Centre infrastructure while ensuring user experience and optimizing costs.
  • Centralized Private cloud management and monitoring of resources from the Cisco Intersight dashboard


The client is a multinational conglomerate focused on delivering top-notch services and innovative solutions in the technology sector.  

Committed to providing the best-in-class experience for their end users, they have recently gone through their projections for the next year and aim to increase their data centre capacity. They plan to achieve this goal by utilizing their existing infrastructure and implementing new technologies to maximize efficiency.


They host their diverse workloads on traditional data centre architecture and modern clouds like Microsoft Azure and Amazon's AWS. The company's ITOps team faced many challenges in addressing impromptu demands, resulting in increased Opex costs. Moreover, they struggled with performance issues and spent too much time finding the root cause of the problems. The customer was also worried about the security of their workloads.  

List of Requirements and Existing Challenges:

  • The company needed a future-ready platform to handle its diverse workloads hosted on a hybrid cloud setup.  
  • They wanted a solution to minimize the difficulties of controlling heat and power density within the data centre.
  • Their top priority was to lower their Opex costs and ensure that the solution was sustainable.  

Overall, the company needed a solution to address user-related issues, such as agility in responding to impromptu demands, quick resolution of performance issues, and improved DNS security.


The solution implemented was based on the latest Cisco HyperFlex platform with the added convenience of Cisco Intersight. It was designed to meet the needs of modern applications, improve operational efficiency, and be adaptable to future requirements.

The solution is made up of the following hardware and software components:

  • Flash and Compute only nodes in a single cluster with resiliency
  • Cisco Intersight, a cloud-based solution, was used to manage and monitor the entire DC stack, allowing them to manage their data centre stack from anywhere.
  • To ensure that the performance of their workloads was always optimized, we also included the Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer (IWO) as a part of the deployment

They can now monitor the performance of all workloads across their cloud instances (AWS and Azure) and on-prem data centre, ensuring optimal performance while controlling costs. The Hyperflex platform is scalable and can handle future advancements in orchestration, automation, and container management.

With a flexible consumption model and the ability to use their existing storage investments, they can meet their current requirements and future growth.

Business Outcomes

The solution ensures that the customer's applications run smoothly with continuous performance assurance. Moreover, it is scalable, allowing them to stay agile and responsive to changing business requirements. Intelligent automation lowers their operational expenses improving their bottom line while ensuring that their critical applications remain up and running.  

Additionally, it is a sustainable solution, and helps them reduce their carbon footprint. In conclusion, Velocis helped the customer create a complete and efficient environment to run their diverse workloads, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition and achieve their business goals.

Data Centre

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