Developing a Comprehensive Digital Finance Hub: Integrating Products, Services, and Third-Party Aggregators through a Unified Back-End

PayBizz is a payment solutions provider, endeavouring to empower a Digital India. They offer accessible and affordable B2B and B2C digital financial services with an objective of digital inclusion and seamless integration across the value chain.

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  • A seamless wallet to integrate with vendors and service providers alike
  • Microservices architecture to enable a composable, agile, reliable, and secure payment platform
  • Efficient transaction management with automated commission, TDS, and GST computation  
  • Simplified setup and onboarding for enablers and aggregators


PayBizz is one of the leading payment processing and wallet service providers in India. It focuses on digital banking, payment services, and digital inclusion. It has an extensive presence in digital bill payments and money transfer services, which, empowered with Aadhaar authentication and integration, allows it to offer instant KYC and onboarding onto its app.  


PayBizz approached Velocis intending to transform its business model with an app that integrates UID-based payments, biometric authentication, and low-investment enablement for businesses to accept digital payment. They wanted:  

  1. Agencies that use their apps to function as stand-alone micro-ATMs and domestic money payment nodes.  
  1. To enable digital payments linked to the user’s Aadhaar, reducing the threshold for digital inclusion, thus enabling payment collections and disbursements with just biometric authentication
  1. A lightweight yet robust, scalable, reliable, and efficient platform that was both responsive and secure

PayBizz wanted a partner to secure their digital future with an app that transcended the stumbling blocks of digital inclusion.  


Velocis developed a scalable and responsive web and mobile app that integrated a variety of billers, from utilities to entertainment and services. With UID (Aadhaar) based authentication and KYC, the app served as a standalone device capable of providing various digital financial services. Some of the key features include:  

  • Agent and Distributor Wallet Management: A robust wallet management system that offers seamless connectivity to different payment providers, merchants, and billers  
  • Intelligent Tax and Commission Management: Simplified and automated computation of Tax Deductible at Source (TDS), General Sales Tax (GST), and commissions accrued at different touchpoints in the transaction.  
  • Reliable and regular Settlements: Fast settlements for agents and distributors to prevent capital lock-in that was a significant challenge for small-scale vendors and merchants
  • Reliable Payments Services: Robust payment services for both B2B and B2C customers, guaranteeing secure and efficient transactions authenticated by UID
  • Detailed Reports and Dashboard: A single-pane-of-glass dashboard provides insights into transactions, commissions, users, and merchants, giving a near real-time view of the payment network.
  • Microservice Architecture: A modular, composable architecture that allowed an Agile CI/CD and ensured utmost reliability and resilience, given the demanding nature of the app

The solution was designed with PayBizz’s objective of serving a billion citizens, thus focusing on speed, reliability, security, and resilience.

Business outcomes

Velocis helped PayBizz on its journey toward digital payments leadership by providing seamless service delivery, vendor integration, and transaction management. The app’s innovative approach allowed for unmatched customer-centricity and simplicity, helping PayBizz empower millions of Indians with accessible and affordable digital financial solutions and driving the vision of a truly digital India.

  • One-Stop Shop: This allowed PayBizz to become a one-stop shop for all digital financial services, including DTH recharges, mobile recharges, utility bill payments, and more.
  • Minimal Investment: Agents and merchants can now begin operations with card processing and biometric identification devices. The low investment attracts small entrepreneurs, enabling digital payments and collections with extremely low upfront investment.
  • Secure and Reliable Technology: The app's end-to-end security enables UID-based authentication and, more importantly, UID-based payments, which allow for reliable, hassle-free payments.  

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