Department of Public Enterprises unlocks the value of shared knowledge and process harmonisation.

Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword anymore, but something public and private sector enterprises have already embarked upon, and some of them are reaping the benefits already. The Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) was no exception, as they wanted to capitalize on information aggregation, curation, and sharing, now made easier to implement by emerging technologies. This case study describes how Velocis helped DPE implement seamless knowledge sharing across 300+ PSUs and their respective ministries.

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  • From Atomic Energy to Aviation, Consultancy to Construction, every CPSE under DPE now has a common knowledge management (KM) Portal
  • A single source of truth for all infrastructure, facilities, and capabilities  
  • Knowledge from 300+ public sector enterprises integrated on a common content management platform
  • Support for over 11 lakh users with over 58.6 lakh visits since implementation
  • Role-based access and exhaustive content management capabilities allow seamless access and robust information security


The Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) are as diverse as they are far-reaching in their impact on India’s industrialisation, fuelling industrial and economic growth. There are over 300 enterprises and associated ministries, far-flung facilities, and their associated people, processes, and technology that the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) manages.  


At the 2018 CPSE conclave, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing among CPSEs. Inspired by this, when the request for a knowledge management portal came up, CPSEs saw it as an opportunity to turn these ideas into action by aligning the portal's design with the conclave's goals. On the one hand, they wanted extensive collaboration, knowledge sharing, process standardisation, harmonisation, and mutual synergies among the different CPSEs; on the other, there was a need for information security for sensitive information and matters of national security.  

Department of Public Enterprises needed a single enterprise that could deliver the following:  

  1. An interactive and high-availability portal for sharing information across the 300+ CPSEs  
  1. A simple, yet efficient interface for CPSE users to create content such as news, research publications, announcements, etc., and to be able to store this content, disseminate it, and curate it for future use.  
  1. End-to-end development, maintenance, and management of the Samanway portal  

They wanted a simple yet effective solution in a portal that was easy to use, feature-rich, and backed by a systems integrator with the capabilities required to deliver on the promise of Samanway.


Velocis understood that the challenge lay in integrating the 300+ PSEs and aggregating their knowledge, processes, and standard operating procedures. To address this, we created a user-friendly solution that enabled sharing, collaboration, and the exchange of best practices, standards, and efficiency drivers among users. Some key features included:

  • An expansive portal with a robust content management system (CMS) at the back end
  • Exhaustive rules and policies for role-based access and authentication of users
  • Personalisation and customisation of the portal and its features, tailored to each Ministry and CPSE’s individual needs
  • An AI-powered chatbot integrated into the portal, capable of interpreting user queries through natural language processing to provide quick and accurate responses, enhancing user engagement and support.
  • A dedicated technical support desk for supporting 11 Lakh users, managing, and maintaining the portal.  
  • Training, Organisational Change Management, and Gamification to help the different Ministry and CPSE personnel to know, understand, and capitalise on the features of the Samanway Portal

With these advanced features and a user-centric design, the Samanway Portal emerged as a transformative solution, seamlessly integrating all the PSEs, and fostering an ecosystem of knowledge sharing and collaboration. The comprehensive support and training provided further empowered users, enabling them to leverage the portal's capabilities to the fullest.

Business Outcomes

DPE was able to realise the objective of Samanway. In addition, the centralised knowledge repository also served as the basis for cooperation, collaboration, and cross-utilisation between the different member CPSEs, allowing for vertical integration between them, for example, the Aviation and Defence CPSEs, Fertilizer and Chemicals CPSEs, etc. Some of the key benefits were:  

  1. Now users of different CPSEs, at a single click, access training programs, new publications, research, and other crucial or critical documentation
  1. Process sharing and effective collaboration between diverse industries with a shared vision and a vastly distributed user base were now possible.  
  1. The platform was designed with exceptional robustness, enabling it to accommodate not only all the users but also the public, attracting more than 62 lakh visitors.
  1. Unmatched reporting capabilities that help DPE maintain transparency and publish updates and information in real-time

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