Cloud backup and DR: Low-touch DR solution for a digital transformation company

Velocis developed a low-touch, cost-effective backup and DR solution for a digital transformation company with MSP CloudBerry and AWS. Read the details of this solution below.

Cloud DR
Cloud Storage
Disaster Recovery (DR)


  • Moved 15TB worth of backup data to the new solution, enabling 70% in cost savings.
  • Performed a readiness validation for the cloud backup solution in collaboration with the client.
  • Developed a nimble, low-touch backup and recovery solution with MSP CloudBerry and AWS.
  • Aligned the solution to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and industry best practices.


A new-age software development and digital transformation company was looking for a cloud-based backup solution to replace its ad-hoc on-prem solution. The client designs, develops, and deploys digital products and solutions for Communications and Networking, Travel and Hospitality, Transportation and Logistics, and Education businesses. Their existing ad-hoc backup processes did not adhere to a preset backup cadence, and the ad-hoc setup eroded confidence in the services they delivered – which led them to search for a cloud-based backup solution.


The client was making use of ad-hoc methods and processes to back up their data. This meant that critical data on workstations and servers was backed up to physical devices at irregular intervals. Due to limited funding and resources, the client was unable to commission and manage an optimal on-prem backup solution.

As a result, they were looking for an on-demand backup solution that would help them meet their requirements on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Key objectives:

  1. Identify a secure and highly reliable backup service that eliminates the need for manual backup management.
  1. The backup solution should enable the client to reduce their TCO, and ideally turn their capital expenses (Capex) to operating expenses (Opex).  
  1. The backup solution should meet the client’s compliance requirements, as they also work with clients in regulated industries.

A cloud based back-up solution would meet all the above requirements where deployment of policies, management, and administration would be handled by the CSP.  


The client engaged Velocis to devise a cost-effective backup solution. The Velocis team recognised the opportunity to build a low-cost cloud-based backup solution for the client. Such a solution would cost them a fraction of an on-premises solution, and also simplify the backup workflows for the client. By configuring the encryption and storage location appropriately, the solution would be compliant with the regulatory requirements of the client.

  1. Worked with the client to perform a readiness validation for a cloud backup solution. Once the readiness was ascertained, the Velocis team proposed a cost-effective backup solution that would utilise AWS for data storage, and MSP CloudBerry as the backup application.
  1. Built the proposed backup solution. It uses Amazon S3 buckets for storing the backup data, and MSP CloudBerry enables the users to determine backup frequency and set schedules, define retention periods, and conduct data consistency checks automatically.
  1. Configured the solution with the right access policies using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). The solution is also configured to use 256-bit AES encryption for securing the data in transit and at rest.
  1. Backed up 15TB worth of data with the new solution, and provided guidance and support for running and maintaining the solution.

Business Impact

The deployment helped the client meet their backup requirements without making significant upfront incremental capex in the backup infrastructure, delivering the following key benefits:  

  1. Highly scalable, secure, and reliable backup solution which requires minimal management efforts.
  1. Enabled the client to save 70% costs compared to the expenses incurred by the previous solution.
  1. The backup solution improved the operational efficiency associated with data management and is ​​fully compliant with the regulatory norms.

Cloud DR
Cloud Storage
Disaster Recovery (DR)

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