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Our Case Studies

Work speaks for itself and here are some real-life examples portraying our solution capabilities and expertise which has helped numerous customers get exactly what they wanted. Our hard work and dedication to provide our customers best in class services and being with them at every stage of the solution journey.

  • Web Portal Case Study

    EMEA Region Telecom Giant’s 17 Countries Web Portal

    To make the portal continuously available using a standards based agile platform for creation and delivery of content were the key motivational drivers.


    EMEA Telcom Giant

    Business Challenge:

    The key objective of this transformation is to provide a secure CMS framework for pushing content and admin interface for pushing the dynamic data. This includes information about how it works, how they can map the artefact to be shown on website. The website has been developed using IWWCM as the content management tool with Java/J2EE based applications serving the data based dynamic content like Tariff details.

  • Consumer Goods & Service

    Migration of Lotus Based Application On SharePoint for the Consumer Goods & Service

    Consumer Goods & Service Corporation's migration of Lotus Based Application On Sharepoint


    Consumer Goods & Service Corporation

    Business Challenge:

    The Corporation decided for technology migration. The various technical applications were evaluated and presented to the corporation. Post evaluation, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 has been finalized based on the feature set analysis. AGILE software development methodology was followed for the speedy delivery of the project. The team distribution was a mix for the project.

  • Spirits

    India’s largest spirits company reduces IT manpower cost through automation

    The IT portal was developed to overcome the business challenges faced by the organisation, a collaborative effort of Customer's IT team and Velocis.


    Indian Alcoholic and Beverages Company

    Business Challenge:

    Being a consumer good manufacturing company, there is a high level of dependency on IT needs such as Guest Wi-Fi access, Meeting Room Bookings and their availability, Video conferencing booking, access to IT related information such as, security policies, new IT initiatives and launches, hence a need of an IT portal was envisaged that serve as one stop solution for different IT needs for routine IT concerns.

  • Augment

    Claim Response System Solution For An Insurance Firm

    Development of Claims management system that does end-to-end automation of each workflow in settling a claim and integrates and collaborates all the other systems such as systems related to financial processing, medical providers etc.



    Business Challenge:

    The company's operator were required to create a provisional intimation claim using the data received from the claimant and further processing of the claim also required the user to interact with the legacy systems.The number of interactive users had gone up as users have to both create a policy as well as process claim and do other processes. Therefore it wanted both to decrease the no. of times entries were to be made as well decrease claim processing time.

  • Collaboration Solutions

    A Growing Business of Restaurants in India improves communication and business process through scalable collaboration

    Customer leveraging high level telephone architecture with Unified Communication & Collaboration Solution


    Food & Beverages Industry Resautarant

    Business Challenge:

    Organisation constantly focuses on their customers by managing operations at the local level, including marketing campaigns and special offers, menu management and limited time offers and monitoring customer satisfaction. Organisation generates revenues primarily from sales by company-operated restaurants.

  • Solution Augment

    Solution for a manufacturing and marketing organization

    The company in context is in the business of - Agri inputs, Fine Chemicals (CRAMS), Polymers and Engineering Services. Founded in 1947 the company has its offices in many locations in India and Japan with the head office in Delhi NCR.



    Business Challenge:

    All the documents and the knowledge was in the possession of individual desktops. It was an extremely difficult task to locate any important document in case the user of the desktop is not available. Apart from that there was a constant need to streamline the knowledge base of the organization. The need for compliance was also growing as the organization was going for a higher quality certification. Also the process of creating a document needs to be streamlined to reduce the timeframe. At times it becomes impossible to locate the older files and versions which resulted into creation of the same document once again, at times which becomes a big issue as the resource may not be available. The management was looking for a solution which is capable of addressing all this at one go.

  • banking augment

    Augment Solution for an International Bank

    A unified data entry screen which would be a single point of interface to enter/update data in all these systems and to link some of these transactions in a manner that data entry is done only once and ensuring transmission of data to the software



    Business Challenge:

    In the pre-automation system the banking transaction related data had to be updated in multiple systems namely Smile CBS (Mainframe system), RTGS (Oracle Based), NEFT (Oracle Based), ECS NEFT (Oracle Based), and NDS (Oracle Based) to handle different transaction types. This leads to wastage of time and runs the risk of creating consistencies.

  • eNFA

    Faster completion of approval process to ensure uninterrupted availability of critical infrastructure

    An enterprise wide system for streamlining and automating all commercial approvals currently running discretely and in an unstructured manner.



    Business Challenge:

    This application was developed for the African operation of a global telecom giant. The delivery was done through a global system integrator who was solely responsible to look after each IT related need of the telecom company mentioned. To maintain the growth momentum and streamlined operation and service delivery there are a lot of activities and commercial engagement the client has to enter into on a daily basis which needs a lot of hard-nosed business decisions and approvals.

  • Augment Banking Solution

    Capital Expenditure Management Solution for Indian Tyre Manufacturer

    Distributed financial decision-making needed to be centralized for a leading Indian tyre manufacturer.



    Business Challenge:

    To fully integrate complex networks of subsidiary companies and branch offices of the company in order to enable working together to accomplish business goals. It allocates financial means to various groups, records expenditures on projects and fixed assets, provides data in consolidated form to the respective decision makers.

  • Indian Alcoholic Beverages Company

    Customer Simplified Multi Party Conference Challenges By Cisco MCU Solution

    Provided Centralized Cisco Conferencing Bridge Solution using Cisco MCU 5310 and Cisco MCU helps to enable Multi party conference, Monitoring and Centralized Basic Reporting

    Indian Alcoholic Beverages Company
    Business Challenge:
    Employees unable to maintain high-quality intra office/customer relations without the associated costs of travel time and expense, lack of centralized Conference solution leads to Administrative burden of scheduling the VC calls and improper network/bandwidth management results in poor Video Conferencing quality.

  • Business and Service Provider

    Efficient Solution helps Business and Service Provider to improve collaboration, productivity, and agility

    Cisco communications and voice solutions to improve productivity by saving travel time and providing feature-rich audio/video collaboration


    Business and Service Provider

    Business Challenge:

    • No call control platform for Video
    • Limitations on Business to Business video calls
    • Voice and Video not integrated
    • Limited control on the business travel time and expenses
    • Lack of Enterprise Instant Messaging & Presence solution
    • Unavailability of video soft clients for mobile devices
  • Food Processor

    Collaboration Solutions in collaboration with Polycom for a Largest Food Processor

    Food Processor enables video/audio collaboration solution to interconnect their new & existing video audio setup including Polycom, Cisco and IBM Sametime


    Food Processor Company

    Business Challenge:

    Existing solution was not providing the real video conference experience, and integration of collaboration solutions like Cisco and IBM Sametime was not possible and the existing solution was not serving good Video/Audio call platform for laptop users.

  • Cisco Identity Service Engine

    Customer uses Cisco Identity Service engine to unify and control wired and wireless access

    Deployment of Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE) and BYOD solutions providing secure access and enhanced guest experience.


    Indian Alcoholic Beverages Company

    Business Challenge:

    No insight into network access. As some locations of USL, like distilleries are not getting managed due to their presence in the remote locations. Time consuming wireless access provision to guests due to multiple approval chains and IT personal involvement.

  • University

    University Safeguards Online Services for Countless Students with Proactive Network Management

    CA eHealth and CA Spectrum monitor network devices performance levels and bandwidth utilization. The solutions have simplified problem resolution and capacity planning.

    Premier University
    Business Challenge:
    The university is increasingly using the Internet to deliver online services. To ensure 24/7 connectivity for its IT systems, it needed to take a more proactive approach to network management.

  • Swan

    State Safeguards Member Experience with Integrated IT Monitoring and Faster Problem Resolution

    State delivers superior online experience and safeguards organization’s reputation. Employee Productivity increased while IT costs decreased


    State Wide Area Network, (SWAN)

    Business Challenge:

    To provide reliable vertical and horizontal communication corridor within the state administration. Efficient service delivery system and strengthen Disaster Management Capacity while ensuring 24/7 connectivity for its IT
    systems, it needed to take a more proactive approach to network management.

  • Shipping Case Study

    CA EMS/NMS solution for the Shipping Group

    Shipping Group saves its costs in terms of quality of reports, service level agreements & quick resolution of the problems by using CA EMS/NMS solution.


    Shipping and Petrochemicals Group, Chennai

    Business Challenge:

    Validating defined IT processes

    Quick resolution of incidents


    Supporting the risk assessment

  • Network Operation Center

    Government Network Operations Center Improves Centralized visibility and management for multivendor access networks with CA Technology Solutions

    Velocis System deployed CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager, CA eHealth, CA NetQoS Reporter Analysis, CA IM and CA Service Desk


    Government Network Operations Centre

    Business Challenge:

    To simplify network, helpdesk management and enhance customer services, center needed to replace its legacy tools with an integrated, automated solution that was based on standardized best practices and processes.

  • Electricity Department

    State Electricity Department Improves its IT Managed Services with CA Infrastructure Management Tools

    Velocis System deployed CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager, CA Network Flow Analysis and CA UIM.


    State Electricity Department

    Business Challenge:

    The Department does not have its own generation and purchases power from the Central Sector Power Stations of the National Thermal Power Corporation as per the allocation made by the Central Government. The Total allocation of power from the NTPC is 332 MW.

  • Velocis KM Plus Solution featured in CIOAPAC Outlook Magazine in the IBM Solution Special Edition

    Velocis Setting the Standard of Knowledge Management

    Velocis KM Plus Solution featured in CIOAPAC Outlook Magazine in the IBM Solution Special Edition

    Velocis Knowledge Management Solution provides a consolidated enterprise knowledge management framework that helps users to leverage the collective knowledge of the enterprise in a collaborative manner to work efficiently and more productively. The solution is developed on IBM Technology stack which included IBM Websphere Portal and IBM Connection as primary solution components.