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Velocis Cloud Experts have been following this continuously evolving field of disaster recovery and backup since it started offering cloud backup solutions to customers. Disaster recovery and backup in the cloud evolve almost every year as per changing market demands and innovations around available DR tools and services. The business landscape is expanding and Cloud as a reliable and cost-effective backup solution has been embraced by the market beneficially.

Disaster recovery is a set of tools and policies that helps restore mission-critical data, applications, and hardware to ensure business continuity in case of a sudden IT incident, which can occur for a variety of reasons. Since IT disasters can lead to revenue and productivity loss, it becomes increasingly evident that using disaster recovery is a must.

Author: Rajesh Singh

Velocis provides industry-leading consulting and technology services on top of Amazon S3 across a variety of use cases, including but not limited to backup and restore, long-term retention and archive, primary storage, etc. Velocis helps organizations in architecting, designing, and deploying all the resources needed to implement Data Backup & Archiving Solutions to meet their data storage needs in a cost-effective way.

Author: Rajesh Singh

Today, a typical factory resembles a Zoo and ironically gives rise to an Information Jungle.

Here’s what I mean. An average manufacturing unit would have been in business for more than a couple of decades. At that time, the factory acquired the latest machines, or maybe one generation old.

SD-WAN addresses application user experience and IT operations challenges in today’s multi cloud era. However there is a critical requirement of enhanced visibility, reporting, analytics, and trends to ensure consistent and improved user experience.

Overseer, a Reporting & Analytics tool, translates the SDWAN operational data into actionable information and provides IT Operations Team an intuitive visualization of customized operational parameter reports over longer period to manage SD-WAN optimally, resulting in improved uptimes and application experience over WAN for the end-users. 

Author: Rajiv Madan

Cisco has delivered an open and extensible intent-based network platform across the campus, branch, and WAN – the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA). At the core of DNA is DNA Centre, which acts as the control center and delivers on all the elements of an enterprise-class, closed-loop intent-based network, including policy-based automation, virtualization and advanced levels of visibility, analytics, and assurance.

Cisco DNA Centre platform capabilities can be used to create applications to enhance the overall network experience by optimizing end-to-end ...

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