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Network Automation & Assurance Solution

We enable organizations to Automate and Assure the management of their network using deep insight and rich context.Picture4.jpg

Digitization is fueled by major technology trends: mobility, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing. To capture the opportunity, you need to adapt constantly. You need real-time insights and personalized experiences, automation and assurance, and compliance. You need a network that is constantly learning and constantly adapting. Network Automation & Assurance Solution is based on Cisco DNA Center and is the dashboard for control and management. It addresses the challenges of Rigid & Reactive IT tools, Limited Insights and Complex Policy Enforcements, by eliminating IT complexity and protecting against threats, while allowing an IT organization to align the network with business intent by unifying policy, automation, and assurance with integrated security.

Some of the benefits of our solution are:

  • Observer Logo_New Logo_PNG.pngSimplify network management: Manage your enterprise network over a centralized dashboard using our homegrown tool “The Observer – Your Network Observatory
  • Deploy networks in minutes, not days: Using intuitive workflows, Cisco DNA Center makes it easy to design, provision, and apply policy across your network
  • Lower costs: Policy-driven provisioning and guided remediation increase network uptime and reduce time spent managing simple network operations
  • Predict problems before they happen: Analytics and Assurance use network insights to optimize network performance and deliver the best user and application experience

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