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Multi Cloud Management Services

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Manage and operate an agile and scalable architecture to support any workload on any cloud

We help businesses (IT) to securely deploy and manage applications in multiple data center, private cloud, and public cloud environments. Provides seamless migration and infrastructure visibility across multiple Cloud environments. Velocis provides it's Multi Cloud Management solution using “Cisco Cloud Center” which enables customers to easily model, deploy and manage new and existing applications anywhere. We help you to :

Our solution helps customers to

  • Establish  centralized Control & Governance across multiple cloud environments
  • Provide Visibility and Insights to optimize cloud consumptions in multicloud environment
  • Extend capabilities to migrate and manage (life-cycle) applications across platforms

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We manage your multi cloud environment and partner with you to help you achieve an optimized and controlled cloud setup.

  • Visibility & Automation

  • Managed

  • Controlled & Optimized


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