Velocis System Pvt. Ltd.

Industry 4.0 Strategy Formulation Consulting Support

IT & OT integration is an essential part of Industry 4.0 solution, although it goes way beyond to embody a “Model-Based” approach to all aspects of the manufacturing enterprise, whether it is designing, planning, engineering, manufacturing or any other enterprise activity. More importantly, the approach also guides the organization on how to manage the touchpoints across these functions as well as the information exchange at these touchpoints.

We can help you in mapping where exactly does your organization stand in terms of these parameters, leading to a numerical assessment of your Model-Based Enterprise Score.

  • We can participate with you to define your Industry 4.0 objectives, target score, and target dates therefor.
  • We can also work with you in making a date wise plan of action for achieving those objectives, defining the action to be taken across the relevant manufacturing and enterprise functions.
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