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Ethernet to the Factory

A key initiative to any Industry 4.0 plan!

The 4th Industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is centered around Convergence of IT and OT Infrastructure. Our solution approach is focussed on the efficient utilization of current assets. The features like Real-time visibility of Plant floor Network, Intent-Based Networking, Time Sensitive Networking, etc., enable the organizations to make quick decisions and reduce down-time on Shopfloor Network. This prevents loss of critical production time as it detects the faults before time, troubleshoots quickly and rectifies faults faster, thereby boosting the OEE.

The Plant IT Network deployment grows as the manufacturing plant continues to grow with time. This most often includes a need to connect various machines coming from different Machine Manufacturers using multiple technologies. The underlying difficulties in converging such Machine Networks lead to the creation of multiple network silos which blocks the operational efficiency of the plant.

Our Ethernet to the Factory (EttF) Solution

  • Provides for Convergence of these Networks and supports provision of various network enrichment facilities. This Intelligent Industrial Networking Architecture also enables Connectivity, Visibility, Manageability, Security, and Network Assurance of IT devices and Networks deployed on Shopfloor.
  • It supports multiple Industrial Automation Protocols like Ethernet/IP, CIP, Profinet, CC-Link, MODBUS, TCP/IP, IEC61850, etc. to build connectivity with a wide range of PLC, HMI, DCS, etc.
  • It provides Redundant and Resilient OT Network, Auto discovery of Network Topology, Full Network Visibility, Manageability, Scalability, High responsiveness, Network Assurance, Quality of Services, Time Sensitive Networking, Prioritization of Traffic, System Availability, End-to-End Security, Secured Remote Access and Zero-touch Installation with the help of IND for smooth functioning.

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