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velocis-cisco-dnac-network-transformation-website2021.pngIT teams are no longer a side function for the business.

In fact, they are one of the key pillars supporting the business in this ‘Digital Disruption’ world. Business demands a lot from IT and therefore IT teams are under tremendous pressure to come up to Business’s expectations. 

A few of the common challenges that most IT teams face include – how to make network more agile; how to improve user experience; how to ensure network is up all the time, build more resiliency in the network; how to keep the IT team members updated on latest technologies and then retain them; how to be innovative to support the business.


Services Platform and its deliverables on FCAPS framework

Fault: Network problems identification and resolution will be accelerated

Configuration: Day 0 to Day n network configuration will be automated & standardized

Accounting: Network capacity planning

Performance: Network health & performance management

Security: Hardening, IOS Upgrades & addressing Security Vulnerabilities


Salient features of DNAC-as-a-Service | Subscription offer

Simplified pricing structure

Services outcomes

Services package

CXO Dashboard

  • One price for up to 200 devices

Investment realization

  • For DNA-Essential licenses

  • Improved SLA, user experience

  • Productivity improvement

  • Better security and compliances

  • More visibility

  • Low skillset required in managing and troubleshooting

  • Time and cost saving
  • Supply & Deployment of Services Platform in customer network

  • Customer training and adoption on running the Services Platform

  • Includes Velocis services for fixed number of Day 2 network change management calls per annum

  • Updates/Upgrades of Services Platform

  • Unified dashboard for improved visibility on network operations



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