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/sites/default/files/DNAC%20Infographic_Customer%20Challenge_2.pngIT teams are no longer a side function for the business.

In fact, they are one of the key pillars supporting the business in this ‘Digital Disruption’ world. Business demands a lot from IT and therefore IT teams are under tremendous pressure to come up to Business’s expectations. 

A few of the common challenges that most IT teams face include – how to make network more agile; how to improve user experience; how to ensure network is up all the time, build more resiliency in the network; how to keep the IT team members updated on latest technologies and then retain them; how to be innovative to support the business. 

Velocis DNAC-as-a-Service accelerates the shift from infrastructure management to business outcomes. This service-based solution helps solve customer’s biggest challenges of Digital transformation and provides faster time to value. 


Solution Highlights


1. Comprehensive and customised Automation & Assurance platform constituting of

  • Cisco DNAC controller
  • Optimizer – Velocis innovation for automation & compliance
  • Observer – Velocis innovation for enhanced visibility

2. Automation & Assurance platform deployed on-premises in customer datacenter

3. Day 2 network operations managed by Velocis’ skilled manpower

  • Automate Network Operations, deliver Fault/Configuration/Accounting/Performance/Security (FCAPS) framework
  • DNAC controller provides single point of control with Automation & Assurance features
  • Optimizer using DNAC API automates fault resolution, configures network devices with features using GUI, helps meeting security & hardening compliance.
  • Observer unifies dashboards (DNAC/ServiceNow/SolarWinds/Meraki/ThousandEyes*) using open API’s & provides comprehensive visibility of Enterprise Networks to senior management of the customer.

4. Flexible, pay as you go model (subscription-based offer)


Services Platform and its deliverables on FCAPS Framework


Fault: Network problems identification and resolution will be accelerated

Configuration: Day 0 to Day n network configuration will be automated & standardized

Accounting: Network capacity planning

Performance: Network health & performance management

Security: Hardening, IOS Upgrades & addressing Security Vulnerabilities  



Salient Features






Services Deliverables

Fault Management Configuration Management Accounting Management Performance Management Security Management Unified Dashboard

Potential faults are identified by devices & clients health score

Onboarding of new devices with Zero touch provisioning

Wired access ports planning

Manage and Improve application health for wireless clients

Compliance checks on Hardening of Devices


CXO dashboard: Multiple IT Management tools unified into a single pane view for network performance and health

The issues provide contextual information and feature of time travel to go back in time for faster troubleshooting

GUI based Day 1- Day n configurations (features) using Optimizer

Licensing, Devices Lifecycle

Manage and Improve network & client health, with color-coded trends.

IOS upgrades (Image management) on network devices


Fault resolution of wireless network issues using suggested remediation & automated actions


Software image vulnerabilities notification and recommendations declared by (PSIRT) are executed


ACL cleansing and management


Checks for un-authorized configurations



Business Value


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