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Velocis Engine for Structured Solving of Events & Linking Stakeholders (VESSELS)


A Smart Collaboration Solution for the Manufacturing Industry

Disruption in production is the biggest irritant that any manufacturing organization faces. Such disruption may emanate from a plethora of reasons. They are sought to be managed through hard and diligent work of the executives and workers. It is the power of collaboration among various teams and stake holders that mostly helps to bring such issues under control. Such collaboration, however, tends to be unstructured and this can itself be a source of stress for the organization.

Our solution “VESSELS” is aimed at automating & bringing structure to such collaboration in handling such issues. It is designed to capture the issues early, and immediately set into motion a set of SOPs’ predefined by the customer organization. VESSELS help collaborating teams to notify, update, request & support each other in an automated manner.

Keeping a complete record of what transpired during the process of issue resolution and can add to the organizational knowledge base for easy access and guidance the next time a similar issue occurs.

VESSELS is an intuitive tool for the manufacturing industry, leveraging the latest technology of Chat-bots, Cisco WebEx, Web-based Portals, Business Process Management & Knowledge Management. It can be made available through cloud or an on-prem deployment depending on what suits you better.


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