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Velocis logo represents our identity and is the first visual contact an outsider has with our company. Thus, the logo becomes our signature that distinguishes us from all other companies. The preferred representation of the company branding is Velocis (without the word Systems); however, in certain situations, the full trade name, Velocis Systems, should be used. Velocis places a high priority on developing and maintaining a consistent corporate image in order to reinforce its status and position both in the local and wider communities. Our values are at the very core of our brand and form a key part of our business strategy. Our logo and our visual identity reflect who we are and how our brand is portrayed. Our identity is not just a logo, although this is the most visible element of our identity. It is a design scheme composed of a number of core elements that come together to create a distinctive look and feel that makes the Velocis and its subsidiary brand(s) instantly recognisable.

It is important that one should not attempt to create the logo themselves, as the lettering and style in the logo has been sculpted  especially for Velocis. Please download or contact Corporate Communication for the authorized logo files with original art forms. In addition, do not reproduce the logo by scanning a previously printed version. Such “second-generation” art will degrade the quality of the image and perhaps alter the scale of the various elements.

When using “Velocis” to refer to the company, which is named Velocis Systems Pvt. Ltd., Velocis may be used as a noun. When using “Velocis” as a trademark or service mark, as our brand of products, Velocis should be followed by the circle ® symbol for all the products and services for which the mark is registered and followed by ™ when used with products or services with which the mark is not yet registered.


Few guidelines before reproducing Velocis and its subsidiary brand(s) logo, but are not limited to:

  • Velocis logo is our corporate identity and should be used on all communications representing the company
  • The first letter of Velocis and its subsidiary brand(s) is always capitalized.
  • Velocis has protected its brand with trademarks or registered trademarks. When referencing these items, they must be followed by a superscript trademark or registered trademark symbol at wherever our logo is being used.
  • Please observe these things while reproducing the Velocis and its subsidiary brand(s) logo on merchandize: Print finishing, minimum size, clean space, positioning, background, typeface, complimentary colours
  • Any representation, reproduction in print, digital, merchandise or any other format whatsoever must receive prior approval on email from Marketing & Communication by emailing us at
  • The email must contain the following information:
    • Purpose of using the Velocis and its subsidiary brand(s) logo,
    • Type of activity or program the logo is going to be part of,
    • If an event: date/time/place | Print: where to be distributed, target audience | Digital: URL
    • Velocis logo in the mockup/design artwork of the planned final output
    • Information about the other companies going to be a part of the same program, if applicable


You may also refer to attached guidebook for more details on Corporate Branding Guidelines

Click here to download and save the Velocis logo 


All exceptions to any of the guidelines stated above must receive prior approval from Marketing & Communication by emailing us at If you have any questions regarding proper use of Corporate Logo guidelines, or you want our team to provide advice and guidance on seeking approval, contact:

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