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Network Compliance Services

Network Compliance Services


Technology Compliance is on the Top charts of CIOs’ areas of concern these days. Any Non-compliance to defined guidelines may lead to a risk of cybersecurity threats, downtime, and other challenges that can create a rift in business. 

Organizations desire to manage compliances with consistency, but policy enforcement is a genuine problem they continue to struggle with across domains. The challenges on ground are many: 

Business Challenges

Single source of truth missing on assets life cycle.

Continual improvement in security posture – No dashboard for real-time view.

Audit Readiness:

  • Data availability takes time and resources
  • From observations to Audit closures takes time
  • Cannot meet urgent compliance data requests

Research needed for environment-specific security vulnerabilities notified by the OEMs – need people/expertise.

Prioritization challenges over operations and projects - needs focused effort

Technological Challenges

Prioritize patch management with respect to the criticality of device positioning

Security vulnerabilities Volume is so high, difficult to identify its impact leads to Cyber threats.

Manual Hardening assessment is complex & cannot scale - 80% misses due to manual configuration & assessment.

Enforcement of Hardening configurations & Network Policies

Services Synchronization checks – (NTP/Syslog/HA etc.)


Solution – Compliance as a service:


Our services delivered from NOC ensures your network is hardened and compliant, meeting your security and audit objectives.

Compliance as a service is an automated service with a combination of a Compliance engine & Technical Resources. The program covers Cisco network devices & firewalls reducing manual activities, thereby simplifying the audit needs. It integrates with your current ecosystem seamlessly with more vigilant and additional controls making the system audit-ready at any given point in time.

This has built-in triggers and workflows to meet the critical/must-have action and customized dashboards to meet the organizational needs.



Our Services provide the following outcomes: /demo/sites/default/files/Archi..png

  • Realtime information on Network security vulnerabilities based on applicability for your network.
  • Ensure your network is hardened to meet various regulatory requirements.
  • Critical Networking services status ensuring compliance & high availability.
  • API Integration with ITSM ensures automated ticket opening and closure.
  • Continual improvement trends.
  • Asset life cycle (End of sale/End of life/end of support)



Services Governance:

  • Fortnightly Status Reports Meet with IT team.
  • Monthly Reports @Stakeholders (IT Leaders & Internal Audit Team)
    • Audit Readiness Status
    • Key Reports
    • Actions/Tasks in Progress
    • Decision Points/ Help Needed
  • Quarterly (IT Stakeholders)
    • Achievements
    • Challenges
    • Improvement/ Next Focus Area



  • Minimize Risks by aggressively identifying and addressing potential risks.
  • Strengthen compliance through regular audit & control monitoring activities.
  • Reduction in compliance backlog.
  • Reducing compliance costs & leakage.
  • Enhance reputation by adhering to compliance requirements.
  • Breaking silos between various teams.
  • Improved security posture.



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