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KM Plus

KM Plus

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KM Plus (“Knowledge Management Plus”) sets the foundation of knowledge management for you to Grow on, it is a platform that is developed with the precise amalgamation (or right combination) of methods, policies, principles, processes, strategies, technologies and tools providing the kind of foundation that fosters collaboration, learning, and sharing, and overall growth well into the future. KM Plus works on the key principal of leveraging the organizational knowledge by utilizing the unique technologies and practices an organization adheres to.

A solution which works for Modern Workplaces - One of the most widely used KM Platform in India

Experience how our global award-finalist solution helps you build a knowledge fostering environment and a thriving collaborative community for your organization.

Solution Capabilities

Built to align with your organization’s business objectives.Picture3.png Simply everything at one place need for knowledge management, collaboration, app integration. Crafted with business and user-based needs, the features provide the right combination of capabilities to get the workforce together for collaborating, learning & sharing.

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