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Application Development & Modernisation

Application Development & Modernization

Our team of proficient consultants, architects and engineers are involved at each stage to help re-architecting, rewrapping or recoding of the application if required to make it cloud ready and ensure bump less migration. We partner to execute end-to-end and take care of fresh development to transform your homegrown legacy application thus enabling it to leverage cloud features and achieving the underlying benefits of cloud. Our Architects ensure that your business users have minimal or virtually no change in the way they access their applications today, be it integration with AD, or ADFS or establishing of SSO we have competent team to take care of the same.

Why it is needed?

High Cost: Cost of ownership is high due to need of different skill sets for support

Resource Constraints: Unavailability of skilled resources for development and maintenance in legacy technologies

HW Resource Utilization: VM restricts optimum usage of hardware resources and bound to work on fixed resource allocation

Vendor Support: Legacy app might be using old hardware for which finding vendor support can be difficult

Opportunities and Enhancements: Modern businesses need modern technology to meet customer needs.

Pay for idle time frame: Pay running cost at idle situation when no one using the application


Ideal way to Modernize your Applications:App-Modernization-Velocis.jpg

  • Encapsulate data and functions as a unit and allow others to access via an API
  • Restructure and optimize existing code without changing its external behaviour
  • Move application component to new infrastructure without changing the binaries
  • Alter the application code so that it can be shifted to new application architecture
  • Migrate to new runtime environment by making change for compatibility
  • Rebuild the application components by preserving its scope and specification



What We Offer

To brief on the activities to be performed as part of approach of application migration to cloud which can enable the customer to take their journey to cloud effectively, securely and efficiently. Proposed execution approach would be as mentioned below in form of activities to be conducted.



Moving Data & Application

Optimization & Management

  • Application Inventory

  • Users

  • Usage

  • Age

  • Technology etc

  • Maturity, Stability & Complexity

  • Regulations & Standards

  • Performance requirements, users, licensing, compliance needs and application dependencies

  • Target Identification

  • Cloud Provider

  • Application disposition (Replace, Reuse, Refactor, Replatform, Re-host, Retain & Retire)

  • Deployment & Services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Private, Public & Hybrid)

  • Easy to Move, Hard to Move, and Can’t Move

  • Migration Path/ Road Map Creation

  • Sequence of app migration basis value, timelines and prioritization

  • Moving Data & Application as per defined “To-Be Architecture” &
    Roadmap during “Assessment” Phase
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Monthly/Quarterly
  • Reports Resource & Capacity Analysis
  • Cost Optimization
  • Performance Tuning
  • Alarm & Log Management


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