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Friday, May 22, 2020


Data Center Orchestration & Optimization

“Orchestration & Optimization" are critical pillars of converting your traditional Data Center to Private cloud. Orchestration enables you to experience Public cloud-like experience in your Data Center at much lower cost. It increases infrastructure efficiency, replaces manual processes with automated ones, reduces cost and removes silos. Optimization increases application response time by scaling up resources automatically as and when required, increases resources utilization and reduces user generated tickets.

Join us as we explore details of Cisco Orchestration & Optimization, along with demonstration of some of the most sought-after use cases. Using these solutions, Organizations can get away with manual processes, achieve 37% better application response time, increase utilization by minimum 20% and reduce user generated tickets by 20% or more. Hear directly from the experts, on the benefits of these technologies for your business.”

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Data Center Orchestration & Optimization

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Data Center Orchestration & Optimization 22-May-2020 WebEx

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