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Velocis Systems Data Center Solution

Data Center

Server.jpgWe simplify data center operations, accelerate deployment, and reduce your costs with the Cisco data center architecture.

We enable your applications run faster in bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud computing environments. Our solutions include computing, unified fabric network architecture comprising of data center switching & security for more efficient operations and greater scalability.

We enable architecture that supports common policy framework to automate provisioning, rapid application changes and management of resources. Velocis expertise includes converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Leaving the traditional data center silos behind, Velocis’ converged and hyper converged infrastructure is an ideal solution to give you an impeccable digital experience.

While the converged infrastructure simplifies and pace up the deployment, Hyper-converged infrastructure modernizes the data center to support business innovations. The biggest benefits of the solutions are:

  • Offering more scalable, reliable and enterprise-class hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Faster to deploy, simpler to manage and highly scalable, Agile, flexible and Reliable Solution with ease of simplicity.
  • Ready to provide a unified pool of resources to power your business applications.
  • Downfall in infrastructure costs
  • Less time required in maintenance
  • Reduced unplanned downtime

Passive Infrastructure

Data Center Structured Cabling

Our team of skilled professionals intimately understands the infrastructure and intricate cabling requirements of a Data Center. The structured cabling team at Velocis utilizes the professional experience of BICSI-RCDD to plan, design, build and implement the best data center solution for each business. The areas we suggests to be focused are:

  • Standards-based open systems
  • High performance and high bandwidth with growth factors incorporated
  • Support for 10G or higher speed technologies
  • Redundancy and path diversity
  • High capacity and density - efficient allocation of space
  • Proper racking, enclosures, pathways, and access flooring
  • Incorporation of data center security and monitoring systems
  • Copper or fiber cabling including pre-terminated


Unified Computing

Velocis works to support its customers in their digital transformation journey by simplifying the operations. Our Solutions helps you with

  • Simplifying open cloud deployment process
  • Resolving the challenges faced in desktop virtualization and dodge the challenges in graphic-intensive applications
  • Pace up the deployment applications

This further leads to increased productivity, reduction in overall ownership cost, and scalability into your data center

Automation & Orchestration

Automate your network to speed up the business processes!

The need to deliver faster has become the need of the businesses today. This is the key differentiator that makes your company stand out and succeed in the highly complex and competitive market.

Our automation and orchestration solution help your business to automate the network processes that reduces the time consumption and enable faster operations. Orchestration helps you to control the automation processes that are responsible for your business’s service workflows.


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Saves time that is spent in networking tasks
  • Boosts revenue by reducing service activation time and enhanced user experience
  • Quickens the launch processes
  • Decreases backlogs via decreasing churn and improving compliance
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