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Migrate Confidently to Cloud Services

Enable secure and seamless cloud migration while reducing operational risks with best Cloud practices 

Cloud migration is the first step towards digital transformation. Creating differentiators by releasing products and services when a customer needs it, is the fastest way for your business to move up the ladder. Businesses are constantly striving to be more agile and responsive. Not just Agility, but they are also focused on easing the IT operations by moving out of license and renewals, maintenance of IT infra as this helps to increase focus on applications.

Cloud is not only opening new cost models with consumption-based economics but is also ensuring increased business continuity than ever before.


To ensure a near-zero disruption in migration the entire process must be carefully planned and thought through. A migration journey broadly looks as follows.





  • Readiness Assessment
  • Portfolio Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Application prioritization 
  • Project Plan
  • Migration Plan
  • Rollback plan
  • Landing Zone
  • Validation checklist
  • Cutover
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Containerization
  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Cost Optimization


Why do you need Cloud Migrationpicture-for-webiste.png

Improved speed and performance, workload scalability, security, stability, and much more you can count for!

Velocis cloud migration approach could be an ideal approach for your business. Our end-to-end approach provides a secure and scalable path to the cloud. Migration errors can reduce, fewer efforts required delivering application modernization, and improved time to insight. Many IT people consider it challenging, but we have the right skills to address your challenges, whatever is it.  

We ensure seamless and secure Cloud Migration, aligning your business with continuous reinvention.


Velocis Assisted Cloud Migration

  • Let Velocis experts simplify the migration for you!
  • Velocis experts help you migrate workloads running on any operating systems
  • Work as per your schedule, providing 24x7 support 
  • Consult with our experts, cope up with your business challenges\
  • Maximize migration success with a planned strategy to address the needs of your business applications
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