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Experience live use cases/scenarios tailored as per your business verticals.


Intent-based networking

Some of the IBN use cases:

  • Automate Network device onboarding
  • Automate Software image management for IOS devices
  • Network Assurance
  • Network Virtualisation
  • Macro & Micro segmentation


Velocis Software defined applications

Optimizer - Optimizer is a framework enabling continuous delivery of network services and configuration changes from Day ‘0’ to Day ‘n’ with assurance.

The Observer - Your network observatory, Observer acts like a single pane of glass which integrates with various tools like Cisco DNA-C, Network Management, System tool and IT Service Management tool and pulls information to present a detailed and comprehensive dashboard for CXOs.


Hybrid Cloud Technologies

Hyperconvergence platform

  • Integration of vCenter with Hyperflex.
  • Performance Analysis


Cloud managed DC use cases  

  • Data Center Heath Check / Mobile App
  • Software Package Demonstration
  • Fault Management
  • Service Profile deployment
  • Recommendation engines
  • Intelligent detections (Predictive failure)


Orchestration & Automation – use cases

  • VM deployment, Self-Service Portal - Windows Server 2019, Ubuntu16, Windows 10
  • Automate tasks- Backups


Workload optimization

  • VM Performance Dashboard


Backup & Replication

  • Demonstration of Veeam Backup for Active directory & Database without any agent
  • Advantage of Veeam with Hyperflex
  • Demonstration of Sure Backup & DataLabs
  • Demonstration of Secure restore and Replica
  • Demonstration of VeeamONE and its useful reports


Skills and Resources 

Velocis has more than 400 skilled resources on various Cisco technologies spread across our 3 regions North, West & South. Out of these 20+ engineers (and the number is continuously growing) have been specially trained to design and implement deployments of DNA-C and SD-Access technologies. Velocis existing software team will continue to ramp up to exploit DNA-C infrastructure API & also develop business applications integrating with DNA-C to bring insights from the networks.


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