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Business Process Management


In BPM frameworks, solutions are nearly always based on a workflow or set of workflows. The concept is that work in a real-time business environment should not be static, rather it should progress through a series of steps (‘a process’) in time. Basing a solution on sequential activities is effective in encouraging teams to reach completion of goals within a set period. The system encourages progression through tasks by sending the participants reminders and indications of their completion status and due date. Because of this, teams who use these solutions tend to perform faster and accomplish goals more consistently.

Beyond Workflow to Complete Process Management

BPM.jpgWhile there are various types of workflow software, BPM software is distinguished in that it provides additional capabilities, beyond just workflow. These capabilities round out the suite’s ability to cover a fuller business scenario. They typically include:

  • Business Rule management
  • Integration with external systems
  • An end user environment
  • Charts and Analytics
  • Communications between users

About Augment
Augment BPM platform is an essential tool for standardization and compliance in automation of business processes.  Augment focuses on compliance/automation/reducing turnaround time/visibility for management.

Features of Augment

  • Augment has an in built EAI mechanism for connecting with other back-end systems within and outside an organization
  • Augment uses its RAD tool for rapid app development and deployment
  • Changes are plug and play
  • Work allocation, auto routing, escalations, alerts and exception handling as per business rule
  • An inbuilt centralized secured repository for all process related documents
  • An independent user authentication module ensures blockage of any unauthorized access

Advantages of Augment

  • Tracking movement of each work item till closure
  • SLA compliance
  • Process standardization
  • Elaborate mechanism for exception handling by way of seeking, recommending and approving exceptions while creating a permanent, auditable record of such actions
  • Improve process control and monitoring
  • Complete audit log as all actions/incidents/transactions