Velocis System Pvt. Ltd.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keeping the need & importance of data availability in any organization, Velocis offers the seamless solution of Data Backup on Cloud. Be it a data-at-rest in On-Premises / Data center or on Public Cloud, we help you to back up your data on leading Public Cloud Providers. Having decades of experiences, we have seen data availability and durability as the main concern for our customers. Understanding the struggle of data loss, we extend our support to you fulfill your backup needs in the cloud.

Why do we need Data Backup & DR?

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What We Offer

  • Help to design efficient, consistent, scalable backup and disaster recovery solutions for data and workloads (hosted on-premise or on cloud)
  • Seize the power of the cloud to protect your organization’s data and systems. Protecting your data by expanding your cloud footprint, not adding to your on-premise headaches
  • We advise you on our Disaster Recovery Services in order to meet your requirements in terms of technology, budget, Recovery Point and Time Objectives
  • Monitor backups and replication to manage configuration or schedules, optimize costs and rapidly troubleshoot issues & risks
  • POC for Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
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