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AWS Web application firewall

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)


With the increasing reliance on technology, more and more businesses are creating digital assets such as websites and applications to reach their customers, partners, and employees and the dependency on the IT assets for their ever-evolving business environment the requisite of securing your IT eco-system is imperative. However, when these applications are exposed to the public, they become vulnerable to various security threats, such as cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other forms of unauthorized access. Reports of security breach or ransomware incident has become almost frequent, as hackers are becoming increasingly proficient in detecting and exploiting security vulnerabilities of organizations.

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

AWS WAF prevent the web applications by filtering, monitoring, and controlling any malicious HTTP/S traffic traveling to the web application, and stops the unauthorized data from leaving the app. It does this by adhering to a set of policies that help determine what traffic is malicious and what traffic is safe. WAF is a protocol layer 7 defence (in the OSI model) and is not designed to defend against all types of attacks but can also assist on Layer Network and Transport. This method of attack mitigation is usually part of a suite of tools which together create a holistic defence against a range of attack vectors.

AWS Web Application Firewall walkthrough

AWS WAF lets you choose one of the following behaviours for your security rules:

  • Allow all requests except the ones that you specify
  • Block all requests except the ones that you specify
  • Count requests that match your criteria
  • Run CAPTCHA or challenge checks against requests that match your criteria

AWS WAF has several benefits, such as:

  • Additional protection against web attacks using criteria that you specify
  • Easy to set up and manage using the AWS Management Console or APIs
  • Flexible and scalable to handle any volume of web traffic
  • Cost-effective and pay-as-you-go pricing model

To get started with AWS WAF, you need to:

  • Set up AWS WAF
  • Create a web access control list (web ACL)
  • Add rules and rule groups to your web ACL
  • Associate your web ACL with a resource

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