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Audio Visual System Integration

Audio Visual Solutions

Every Audio Visual technology solution offered should be properly integrated, lest, delays occur and distract the users from the business matters at hand, ultimately affecting the decision making process.

Velocis A/V integration solutions enable teams to work together in most productive way. From High-End Boardrooms, Connected Conference rooms, Meeting rooms/Huddle rooms to Digital Learning Centres or Control & Command Centres, we enable getting teams together in a way that feels completely natural, with technology that doesn’t intrude, but helps ideas flow.

We offer a complete package of strategic consultancy, design excellence, project management, customized programming and integration of technologies; be it AV, IT or a Hybrid Solution.

Boardroom Solutions

avsolutions.jpgThis is a meeting area where key decisions on governance & performance of the organization are taken. Boardroom participants must be able to see, hear, and communicate clearly regardless of where they're seated. Your boardroom must be equipped with the right tools, the audio/visual systems within your boardroom must be expertly engineered and highly reliable.

This will ensure everything works flawlessly and the time of those present at the table is well spent. Your boardroom is all about impressions. Our consultants will work with you to evaluate your AV requirements and to make sure the appropriate set of products is put in place.

Conference Rooms

avsolution.jpgThis is the place where the team members regardless of their locations discuss & take crucial decisions on the issues in a collaborative environment.

Velocis solutions range from a small functional conference room with a projector/display and conference phone to a large executive conference room with integrated audio, video, displays and

Video conferencing systems an integral tool for communicating in today's business world.

Learning Centres

thumbnail-uc.jpgLearning arm of the human resource function, requires both interactive and formal presentations.

We provide a comprehensive range of audio/visual equipment required to bond the trainer & the trainee regardless of their locations.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital-Signage-Solutions.jpgThey are increasingly delivering value in corporate building, retail stores, transportation systems, healthcare, hospitality sector etc.

We provide range of products enabling you to blend graphics, Video, information and live web pages from multiple sources to deliver messages with maximum impact.

Conference Room Scheduling

CISCO.jpgThe architecture simplifies scheduling management, browse room matches based on availability, capacity, and amenities, syncs with client’s enterprise calendar system resulting in more productivity and less confusion for teams who require to use a meeting space. Mounted tablets show upcoming room schedules and time before next meeting, book meetings straight from the door.

We provide complete range of systems, need customization we are there to assist.

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