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Application Migration

cloud-application-migration.jpgOur cloud migration services backed by our experience of more than a decade in application development on variety of technologies and deployment on various infrastructures are full suite of services to assist business on their journey to cloud effectively, securely and efficiently.

It’s a 5 step process:

  • Evaluation or Assessment of application’s cloud readiness
  • Planning and designing an appropriate approach
  • Piloting the use case (due diligence)
  • Migration of application and associated data
  • Configuration and deployment

Our team of proficient cloud consultants, architects and engineers are involved at each stage to help re-architecting, rewrapping or recoding of the application if required to make it cloud ready and ensure bump less migration. We partner to execute end-to-end and take care of fresh development to transform your homegrown legacy application thus enabling it to leverage cloud features and achieving the underlying benefits of cloud. Our Architects ensure that your business users have minimal or virtually no change in the way they access their applications today, be it integration with AD, or ADFS or establishing of SSO we have competent team to take care of the same.